Is it the danger or the speed? Is it because of video games, or are people naturally addicted to the adrenaline? There are countless reasons to love race car driving. It gives a thrill, helping you develop priceless skills on the race track and the road after. If you are a race car driver, you probably feel much more comfortable and skilled behind the wheel on the regular road than everyone else who never drove at such high speeds.

Of course, if you have this desire to wrap your hands firmly on the wheel and step on the gas, then you know what it feels like. Countless studies examine the psychological and cognitive perceptions of race car drivers. One of the main things, however, that racers need to keep in mind is safety. And at Westwood Racing Supplies, you will find the best possible race car driver equipment on the market. If you want to learn more about why race car drivers love this sport so much, keep reading this article.

How Does the Mind of the Racer Work?

Have you ever been under pressure when you have to give a presentation or speak in public? Do you find it hard to meet deadlines? Have you ever been in an unexpected situation where you had to make decisions fast? Well, if you caught yourself unprepared in such situations then you probably wish you had the mind of a race car driver. Why? Well Ford commissioned a study showing how the racer’s mind differs when put under pressure.

Researchers analyzed the brain activity of the professional race car driver professionals. The study revealed that when driving at high speed, the drivers’ brains performed 40% better in focus and ignoring distractions than other peoples brain. Neuroscientists concluded that regular people could achieve this result with exercises, meditation and visualization.

So race car drivers are not superhuman, but they have definitely developed and mastered a superhuman ability. Such skills can save a life on the road, but they can also help you cope in situations when you need to perform at your best under pressure. Besides the skills the high-quality equipment designed especially for the race car driver is essential for any racing experience. You can find such equipment at Westwood Racing Supplies. 

Of course, just because the race car driver can focus much better and avoid distractions, that doesn’t mean they are not at risk when driving. Actually, sports car racing is one of the most dangerous sports. That’s why an entire industry is working around the clock to create cutting-edge race car drivers’ equipment tailored according to the latest standards. You can find such equipment at Westwood Racing Supplies.

Race Car Driving is Like Gymnastics 

You are probably wondering how these two very different sports can compare. In both sports, athletes have little room for error. And on the other hand they have to perform a very dangerous task that can result in an injury. Placed under pressure, they have to think very fast and avoid all distraction. The two sports are among the toughest in the world. Champions who perform in race car driving are among the fastest people who can react almost instantly in a situation. 

The Auto Racer Becomes “One” with the Vehicle

That’s yet another interesting phenomenon. It is a fact about auto racer psychology. The car and the driver share a special bond – a partnership. It is called “anthropomorphism.” When the object receives human characteristics given by the driver. That doesn’t happen with other sports that include a vehicle like sailing.

The race car drivers talk about their cars as if they are personified. Some even call the car – “their partner” or give it a gender, call it “She” or give it a name. Auto racers see their vehicle as their mechanical partner that will help them win. That’s why they give it a personification or “anthropomorphism.” 

That is normal behavior. It allows the racer to transfer a part of his pressure and share it with a partner in the experience. It also helps them to become one with the vehicle and for the best experience. That’s another reason to have the best possible equipment inside the car and then on the driver’s body.

In Conclusion…

Race car drivers are 40% better focused than regular people. They have developed the priceless skill of performing well under pressure and avoid distractions. According to specialists these skills are not superhuman. Normal people can develop them with exercises and meditation. However, professional auto drivers have mastered these skills, which makes them almost superhuman. 

Nonetheless, they need to be properly equipped with the latest race car driver equipment tailored to the latest standards because this is one of the most dangerous sports with almost no room for error.