The day that you turn down an invite to a function or party is the day you stop being a Gemini. That day will probably never come because you’re too busy filling up your schedule for the next several weeks. Everything from binging your best friend’s favorite romance novels to executing a high-profile charity gala could make it on your list of to-dos. You’ve probably noticed that psychic readings for Gemini tend to focus on how you can use your excess energy in all the right ways. That’s why, when it comes to exercise, circuit training for a Gemini is the key.

An Active & Versatile Workout

Circuit training appeals to Geminis because you get to push your activity level to the max while exploring lots of different movements. As a Gemini, you often find certain types of exercise dull and pointless, such as long-distance running and lap swimming. These forms of activity don’t appeal to your nature because they don’t offer enough variety to keep you interested. So if you’ve been struggling to find a workout routine that matches your personality, circuit training is worth your consideration.

The Thrill of Learning New Tasks

Just like when you meet a new potential significant other and you want to learn everything about them, circuit training will give you a thrill as you learn and practice new movements and exercises. Your Gemini love horoscope is an important source of guidance to help you build healthy relationships, and you can take a similar approach to self-care in the gym. 

There are hundreds of possible combinations you can use when you design a circuit training workout. You might know some of the moves already while some other exercises will require you to study up on form and technique. This aspect of circuit training is sure to tickle your intellectual side since learning is one of the main drivers of excitement in your life. Here’s an example of a circuit training workout:

  • Exercise #1: Push up
  • Exercise #2: Lunges
  • Exercise #3: Kettlebell swing
  • Exercise #4: Jumping rope
  • Rest for 60 seconds then repeat

Effective Mental Health Boost

One of the most attractive things about circuit training is that you can get an effective mental health boost in a very short amount of time. As a Gemini, you tend to flit from one activity and one person to another, and it often leaves you feeling drained. Yet, you might not have time in your schedule for an hour on the treadmill or a hike in the woods. Circuit training workouts are typically around 30 minutes, which makes this type of exercise great for a busy Gemini. 

Remember that taking care of yourself is one of the most important things you can do as a Gemini. It’s easy to lose track of how you spend your time as you tend to say yes to anything that excites you. Reserve time to workout and relax in order to have a balanced life. 

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