YouTube is an American based video sharing website that has made it easier to watch online videos. You can also create and upload whatever video you like people to watch. This Social Media Platform was launched by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karm on February in year 2005. Today Billions of people have their own accounts on YouTube where they share their own videos. Currently YouTube is Owned by google and is the most used and viewed website after google. On YouTube there is no content restriction. Any individual can make an account and can upload content related to anything.

YouTube is mostly used by the Film industry. The movie makers around the globe upload their movies on YouTube and earn a handsome amount of money through their views. Either be drama or other media content, the directors and makers are earning a lot throughYouTube as well. Some of people want to download youtube video thumbnail to use different other projects.

If any Firm makes a YouTube account, they share the videos related to their business. If a designer creates the account, he may share videos related to fashion designing. If a Teacher makes an account than it is so obvious that the content will berelated to education. The individual can also make the account and upload video of their own interest in can be a vlog, a cooking video, a tour to favorite place, makeup tutorial and much more. But to upload a video, firstly its mandatory to create an account. whathowbuzz Blogs for Industry News & Trends Daily. biographywiki Celebryty Biography of Famous Personalities

How to Create YouTube Account?

Creating a YouTube account is really easy if a person has a Gmail account and access to internet. To create a YouTube account, follow the following steps.

  • Sign in:

Definitely the Gmail account of the person is linked to the YouTube. So firstly open the YouTube and click on the top right corner where the option of sign in is mentioned. By using the google account log into the YouTube account

  • Click on Profile Picture:

Once you sign in, click on the profile picture, different options will appear. Select the option of Create Channel.

  • Create Channel:

Then you will be asked to create a Channel. Few details will be asked such as name of the channel and few basic information of the individual. Once this process is completed you channel will be created and any person will now be able to upload their own videos.

Make Money through YouTube Channel:

Once a channel is created, any individual can earn money through YouTube. The earning depends on the number of views a person gets on the video and the time collectively taken to watch those videos. YouTube has set a special target to of viewers and subscribers after attaining which they will start to pay the individuals according to their policy. The beginner may get confuse about the content through which he can earn money. The content that may help him to get more views may have related to following topics:

  • Music Videos:

Music is loved by every person in the world. And they would love to watch music videos. So a person can get more views on it.

  • Make up Tutorials:

Everyone desires to look pretty specially girls. And with the invention of different new makeup products women just love to use it. But they always look for the exact methods to apply makeup. Hence women will always be attracted towards makeup tutorials.

  • Baby Cartoons/Rhymes:

Little Children now a day’s love to learn poems and rhymes in their childhood. Parents always prefer to let them watch cartoons online rather than going out in heat. So this content can also help a lot to get maximum views. Mytools used people for different purposes.

Benefits of YouTube:

There are a lot of benefits of using YouTube. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Firstly, YouTube is free to use. It just requires internet to get access to it.
  • YouTube has now a days become an easy way to share and gain information. Everything is available on YouTube. A new learner can definitely use YouTube and learn a lot of things regarding education, industry, internets, technology, food items and much more.
  • YouTube can be an easy way to earn money through videos. But the content must be appropriate.


YouTube is one of the widely used social media Platform. People must use it wisely to get information and to upload their own content and earn money.

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