Fans of Law and Order SVU have often wondered what happened to Elliot Stabler, one of the most beloved characters from the show. For most of the show’s run, Stabler was married to Kathy Benson, but the pair sadly ended their marriage in a car bombing. Until the crossover episode on September 30, fans were left with a mysterious letter written by Stabler, which turns out to be a letter from his wife Kathy. anonig

The two actors were paid the same amount on Law and Order SVU during the first 12 seasons. But salary negotiations were supposed to end after season thirteen, and the actress walked away from a contract worth $8 million per year. If the $400,000-per-episode salary reports are correct, Stabler’s departure will be a big loss for fans of Law and Order.

While Stabler had been gone for several seasons, his absence has not been dramatic in any way. In the season 12 finale, Stabler shot the daughter of the murder victim in self-defense, despite the fact that it was a very unusual situation. The shooter didn’t die, but Stabler’s life was forever changed. However, there is no way to know for sure if his exit was the result of an emotional or psychological breakup. tinyzonetv

In season 12, Stabler’s final scenes showed a shocking turn of events. He shot a young rape victim while attempting to protect his own daughter. This incident was investigated by the NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau, but Stabler abruptly left the show during the season 13 premiere. The episode also featured Ice-T’s character, Fin.