Live betting is one of the most extraordinary ways to bet on sports. Sometimes referred to as in-play betting, in-game betting, and holy moly, you’re crazy betting, the format of wagering has come about with the growth of online sports books. You see, outside of the apparent convenience perks online betting offers, it can also utilize technology to offer different ways for bettors to make money and get in the action. We introduce you to live game betting! So, before you get into the strategies you need to dominate live betting, you must ensure everyone understands exactly what it is. Live or in-game betting is when you can place wagers on a game after it has started. By tradition, all action was closed as soon as the game began. You saw brick-and-mortar sports books start introducing halftime, which was the first move towards in-game betting.

Why live/In-game betting has high value

When sportsbooks put out their opening lines on games, they have a significant advantage on their side–time. They have numerous days where they can do their homework, run their algorithms, consult the experts, see what every other book is a responsibility, and ultimately put out a pretty accurate line. This means that the opportunities to find bad lines that are way off will be limited. They are not impossible (in fact, they happen a lot), but they can heavily minimize these bad lines.

An interface can make or break you.

The absolute most significant difference you will see between online sportsbooks these days is the quality and efficiency of their live betting platform. We’d seen some on one end of the spectrum that looks like they spent ten years masterfully designing it with the user in mind. On the other hand, some live betting sites look like they were made with duct tape, a 12-pack of beer, and a plan to make people angry.

Look for hedging opportunities.

One of the most incredible things you can look to do with in-game betting is lock up profits from your pre-game bets. Whether you want to do this or not will be entirely up to you, as some people might say you’re giving up value by doing it. But, for a lot of us, you would prefer to lock up a definite win even if it lowers the potential you can make. Let’s explain a little more what hedging is and look at a real-world case in point. This will make what we’re trying to say a lot perfect.

Lookout out for the bets you’re going to watch prior.

If there is one word we can use to describe in-game betting accurately, it is fast. The best and the numbers come at you fast, and if you aren’t prepared, you’ll find yourself behind the ball and missing out on a lot of value or the bet you want entirely. The best way to change ahead of this is by scouting the bets you’re interested in beforehand and having a plan of attack.

Always select the better odds button.

This concise tip should be common sense, but you’ll point it out anyway, to be sure. To some degree, what is going to happen a lot to you is that the odds will change while you’re making your bets. This does not mean you’re doing anything wrong, and it’s just the nature of how it all works.

Don’t lose sight of where you are

This is the first of our laundry list of “Don’t.” These things will probably be the most important because they explain some of the significant differences between traditional betting, where people can get tripped up, give away a lot of value, and potentially lose a lot of money.

The wrap-up

The bottom line in live betting of this whole guide is book learning how to deal with the speed of in-game betting. Everything is going to come at you lightning fast, and you’re going to have to be sharp to be able to respond appropriately.