There are three sources of cartilage surgery in the nose.

  1. The cartilage in the nose itself includes sep-tum cartilage and cartilage at the tip of the nose (alar cartilage).

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  1. Ear cartilage
  2. Costal cartilage, which has advantages and disadvantages in terms of different techniques

 As for the augmentation from the bridge of the nose to between the eyes can be done by putting synthetic materials, silicone, Gore-tex, etc. or the patient’s own tissue It can be done safely. Complications, especially perforation, are very rare around the nasal area and bridge. But it is mostly found at the tip of the nose at this point. Readers may have a question in their minds that “Who is suitable for which method?” Both on-top and structure-integrated surgery can be done in both closed and open surgery methods, depending on the expertise of the surgeon and the severity of the nasal structure that needs to be adjusted. Most of the on-top rhinoplasty can be done by closed surgery because the surgical process is not too complicated. It will give good results when wanting to adjust the internal structure of the nose because it allows the surgeon to see the cartilage structure. Inside the nose clearly Therefore, it is convenient to adjust such a structure, whether it is trimming, extension, cartilage suture at the tip of the nose. or to the length of cartilage, nasal septum, etc.

Surgery or augmentation of the nose There is a difference in details. Each type of surgical incision directly affects the method of surgery. Therefore, before deciding on a surgical method Those who will undergo surgery must consider the following issues, such as rhinoplasty surgery from above. Most can be done with a closed surgical method. While open or open-tip surgery has very little benefit. If you want surgery only to augment the overlying rhinoplasty, only the open surgery section causes more external wounds But at the same time, it allows the surgeon to clearly see the structure inside the nose, resulting in a restructuring surgery. (Structure-integrated) precisely, however. Nose restructuring surgery in some cases does not. If you want to adjust a structure that is very complex, it can be done by surgery. closed as well This case is called Endo-restructuring (endo- rhinoplasty, endonasal rhinoplasty) for open surgery It was an operation that required a surgeon. who has higher proficiency Because if not done properly, there will be more damage and damage from open surgery. It is often damaged, permanently deformed, and difficult to correct. (transcolumellar incision) if performed correctly and with detailed stitches. will be very difficult to see When the scar is completely healed (mature), which may take 3-6 months or more, but at the same time if not done properly It makes the wound appear clearly as well.

 Thoughts before choosing a rhinoplasty method

 Upper augmentation surgery When complications arise, surgery is performed. Easier to edit than restructure

 Upper augmentation surgery is effective in people with bone structure. soft of the strong nose tip The nose tip is small and has a shape, the nose is not short, upturned, requires surgery to change the tip of the nose not too much and the nasal tip is not too thin. Upper augmentation surgery It works well in those who want to enhance the area. Loud and set mainly in the area between the eyes. Because the ridge area and set Less likely to break through Compared to the tip of the nose, people who have weak nose tip cartilage (Notice from using fingers to press the tip nose and feel soft) not suitable for augmentation with silicone augmentation on top Because cartilage is often unable to support the weight of silicone. Makes it collapse, causing the nostrils to be flat or distorted easily. Even with the use of expensive silicone, the shape of the nose is suitable and can benefit from reconstructive surgery. The nose is short, upturned, the tip of the nose is large and flat, and the tip of the nose is too long. The nose bridge is large and high with a hump or crooked nose bridge. distorted nasal shaft, flat nostrils, unevenness, or nose with complications from previous surgery, etc. Reconstructive surgery Able to reshape the nose a lot than the supplement method above and look more natural, but must be done in the right way by a skilled surgeon only Often causes more damage and is more severe than the supplementary method above Therefore, it must rely on Very skilled surgeon Rhinoplasty surgery The surgery takes longer and the cost is higher than the augmentation surgery. will make the surgery last further more difficult Because each surgery will cause more membranes. Within always, there is no fixed rule as to which type of nose requires which type of surgery. It depends on the consultation between the patient and the surgeon to analyze the pros and cons and agree on the surgery. most suitable together