Have you traded out your furnace for a heat pump to keep your home cozy this winter? They pull from the natural heat in the ground outside, so they’re cheaper to run than a furnace.

They’re also easy to maintain, but there are steps that you have to follow. If you don’t keep your system clean or fail to change the filter, you’ll overload it. You should also clear obstructions out from around it, and scheduling regular servicing is a must.

Want to learn more about how you can keep your heat pump going strong? Check out this handy guide.

Clean It 

Keeping Unico heat pump systems clean will lengthen their lifespan by many years. Step one is scrubbing down the coils. Use a brush to clear debris out of the coils and follow it up with a damp cloth.

If you allow the filter to get too dirty, it will obstruct the airflow. You can remove your filter and replace it with a new one every month, or you can clean and reuse your current one. All you have to do is vacuum the dust off the filter before soaking it in mild detergent.

Clear Obstructions 

Heat pumps can’t do their job if there are any obstructions blocking the airflow. All it takes is a little overgrown grass to turn your home into an arctic wonderland.

Be sure to keep your grass trimmed and rake up any stray leaves. Clean off the exterior of the system to prevent dirt and debris from clogging things up.

During the winter, ice may form on the outside of your system. Many models have a defrost feature. If yours doesn’t, you’ll have to de-ice it yourself.

Don’t Ignore It

You wouldn’t know from reading this article, but heat pumps are pretty low maintenance. That doesn’t mean you can forget that it exists, though.

You’ll need to inspect your outside unit for leaks regularly. If you don’t want your system to fall apart during the winter, refill the antifreeze when it gets low. You should also monitor the machine’s water pressure when it gets cold.

Have It Serviced

You might spot obvious issues while inspecting your unit. Unless you’re a professional, however, the more obscure problems will go right over your head. That’s why you should have a heat pump installation company come over every two years to look things over.

If you want to reduce the chance of your pump going out on you during the winter, it’s recommended to schedule an inspection once a year before the cold temperatures hit.

Keep Your Heat Pump Going Strong

Having a heat pump installed is a great way to keep your home cozy and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. These systems are also pretty low maintenance.

As long as you keep your unit clean and schedule an inspection once every two years, you’ll have a warm house for years to come.

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