Among pests, rodents send house owners into panic and do more structural damage to their homes. If you reside in California, Pest Extermination Services in San Francisco California | BBESF offers premium extermination services.

It is important you know the top rodents that can invade and damage your home and how to get rid of them, so keep reading.

Top Rodents That Can Damage Your Home

Different types of rodents can find their way into your home in search of food, water, and due to harsh weather conditions. Several rodents can be found in your home wreaking havoc of different degrees.

While some rodents cause structural damage in your home, others destroy farm plants and produce. Here are the top rodents that can damage your home.

1. Deer Mice

Deer mice are common in rural areas and they can be found throughout the United States. Unlike other rodents, deer mice have larger bodies and tails with varying colors.

Despite being known for nesting outdoors specifically on old fences, log piles, tree hollows, and old structures, deer mice can invade residential buildings during winter. They go into homes in search of food and shelter, which allows them to cause damage.

Medically, deer mice possess a deadly virus; hantavirus which can be fatal to humans when infected. This virus is transmitted through inhaling dust particles infected with the feces and urine of deer mice.

2. House Mouse

One common rodent found in almost every state in the United States is the house mouse. This rodent has a six-inch tail, a small size, a dark color, and a pointy nose.

Just like most rodents, a house mouse invades residential buildings during winter and can breed offspring within a short period. They are good climbers, hence, they find their way to secluded heights and places. Despite having poor vision, they make up for it with other enhanced senses.

House mice are known for gnawing on electric wires which can spark an electrical fire in your home. Also, they contaminate foodstuffs and spread diseases like Salmonella.

3. Norway Rats

Norway rats can fit into small holes as small as ½ inch, they are bigger than a house mouse, measuring up to 7 inches with a 12-inch tail. This rodent is known for causing both structural and financial damage in residential buildings.

Being nocturnal animals, house owners wake up to the damage they caused over the night. They gnaw through hard and soft materials and easily spread diseases like jaundice, plague, cowpox virus, and rat-bite fever.

The presence of Norway rats attracts fleas and mites into your home. Detecting them will help in a great way because infestation grows rapidly.

4. Roof Rats

Just like its name, roof rats prefer inhabiting upper structures or trees, they can be found in coastal areas of the United States. They measure up to 6 to 8 inches long with a nine-inch tail.

Additionally, roof rats are known for their black fur, light belly, and ability to attract fleas. They are disease vectors, spreading diseases like trichinosis, jaundice, typhus, and the bubonic plague.

Fruit trees attract roof rats, and they also possess good swimming abilities. To prevent them, make sure garbage is disposed of properly.

5. Squirrels

While squirrels may not seem like a potential threat to your home, the tree squirrel can cause heavy structural damage to your property.

Squirrels can jump from trees to rooftops, once they find comfort in your home, they start breeding immediately. An infestation can be destructive if proper measures are not taken.

They can also cause electrical fire when they burrow through wires and insulation. Aside from the negative impact indoors, squirrels can destroy your garden and farm produce in a short time.

Additional Note

All types of rodents harm your property and health. Whenever you suspect their presence, contact a professional pest exterminator to help get rid of them.