Selecting the best vehicle wrap company means getting high-quality customized services which will last for years. At First Detailing Studio, we offer a broad range of vehicle wraps as per your requirement. If you want to get customized car wrap, here are some tips to consider when choosing the best vehicle wrap company:

Handles the complete car wrap procedure

Look for a company that manages the complete vinyl wrapping process, from designing and printing to installation. As vehicle wraps need precise detailing, working with a company that can handle the entire process can help you make the most out of the process.

Review the work portfolio of the company

When choosing a car wrap company, make sure you consider their past work and go through their client review to know the opinion of their past clients. Consider asking about the company’s portfolio to understand how they handle the work. Move on if the company doesn’t have a portfolio or pictures of their past work.

Material of vehicle wrap

Companies offering car wrap at a low cost often use poor-grade material. Ensure you select a company that uses high-quality vinyl, ink and printing products, along with good installation techniques. It will help you get a high-quality end result, ensuring the wrap will last for years.


When selecting vehicle wraps, ensure you have a budget for them. Find a company that can work in your drafted budget and provide high-quality results helping you maximize your investment. Discuss the estimate with the company and get it in writing to avoid any hidden fees.

Experience of the company

Because a vehicle wrap installation takes skill, time and precision, it is essential to know if the company you have chosen has good experience in this task. Do they know how to handle the material and perform the installation process? Do they understand what installation process is specifically needed for your car? A professional car wrap company will give utmost importance to detailing and will avoid imperfections and bubbles in the wrap.

Equipment and tools

A car wrap needs well-trained professionals using the best-in-class tools to give high-quality results. Enquiring if the company has advanced tools and equipment to perform the process is essential. It will help you gain good performance, quality and durability.

Is the vinyl formulated?

Apart from finding out if the car wrap is using vinyl or not, it is essential to know that the vinyl product is mainly designed for wrapping vehicles. Ask the professional to find out what vinyl is used and if it fits any shape and complex surfaces.

If you want to get your vehicle wrap done perfectly, then choosing a reliable and efficient company is the first step to it. The internet is flooded with vehicle wraps companies. But it is up to you to decide wisely and pick your ideal match. Follow the above steps to choose the best vehicle wrap company in Edmonton and get your car wrapping done for you at the best price.