As Instagram has grown and grown, more and more brands have begun using it as part of their marketing strategy. This makes sense; with so many users, it’s one of the most effective ways to reach potential customers in an organic way, without paying anything extra. However, the sheer amount of content on Instagram can make it difficult to use effectively if you aren’t prepared. The following are seven tips to manage your Instagram account successfully – whether you have one employee or hundreds of thousands of followers!

1) Use Automation

Automation is the key to success on Instagram. One way you can use automation is by scheduling your posts. Posting at optimal times and days of the week will allow your content to reach a larger audience and will increase the likelihood that your followers will notice it. If you don’t have time or are not interested in creating content, there are plenty of tools out there that can help you automate certain aspects of your account. Automation also used in business websites like –

2) Schedule Your Posts

If you post at different times of the day, it can confuse your followers and they may miss out on content. To avoid this happening, schedule your posts in advance with a tool like Hootsuite or Buffer. You can also use these tools to share content from other platforms like Facebook and Twitter as well.

3) Use Relevant Hashtags

  1. Show your personality.
  2. Be consistent with posting times and days of the week.
  3. Engage with your followers by asking questions or tagging them in posts they might like.
  4. Add links to your blog, website, or products you’re selling.
  5. Include a compelling bio that will make people want to know more about you and what you do.

4) Engage With Your Followers

Engaging with your followers is a great way to build relationships and help them feel like they’re part of your team. You might be surprised at how much more engaged your followers are if you reply back every now and then. Don’t ignore them! Some good examples of this would be liking, commenting on, or even following other people’s posts in their feeds. Sometimes the best way to get engagement is by asking questions about real money pokies australia.

5) Analyze Your Results

 Engaging with your followers

Engaging with your followers is one of the best ways to get them engaged in you and what you have to offer. It also helps you gain more followers by making your posts more visible on the feed.

 Posting Often

Posting often is a good way to keep people interested in what you’re doing and it’s a way of building anticipation for upcoming posts.

6) Post Consistently

Posting consistently is one of the most important things you can do for your account. You want followers and potential clients to know that your account is active, so try to post at least a couple of times per week. For example, if you’re posting on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday then post on Friday as well. This will give your followers something new to see each week and also keep them engaged with your content.

7) Use High-Quality Images

Use high-quality images. Quality trumps quantity and the quality of your content is what will set you apart from other accounts. If you want your account to be successful, take the time to find and curate high-quality images that fit your niche. You can either do this yourself or use tools like Tailwind (a paid service) to help you achieve this quickly and easily.