A typical business’ inventory carrying costs is about 20% to 30% of the total value of its inventory. However, a lack of proper management can make that skyrocket. For example, it can lead to higher warehousing expenses, depreciation, and product wastage.

Ultimately, that’s money lost that a company could have otherwise turned into profits.

Fortunately, an inventory manager can help keep those costs and wastes down.

Below, we’ll discuss the benefits of hiring such a pro, so read on.

1. Prompt and Accurate Reporting

Inventory managers oversee inventories, inventory employees, and supplier relationships. They even often maintain the inventory management system used by their employers. They also specialize in auditing, spending, budgeting, and training new workers.

Businesses without a dedicated inventory manager often spread out those tasks to employees.

The problem is that those employees are rarely inventory specialists. Instead, they have different job descriptions, for instance, a team manager. So to them, the inventory task is often extra work, so they don’t always treat it as a priority.

Thus, not having a dedicated inventory manager can cause delays in inventory reporting. That can lead to stocks and supplies running out. These issues can then result in lower productivity and unhappy clients.

2. Lower Odds of Overstock

Overstock, or surplus inventory, often stems from poor inventory management. These include inventory mistakes, such as inaccurate reporting and lack of auditing. A lack of communication between inventory staff can also result in excess stock.

An inventory manager can help you avoid such mistakes as their sole job is to manage inventory. They’re unlike workers forced to wear the inventory management hat. So they can focus on what employers hired them for, which is to audit, report, and communicate with staff.

3. Less Waste

Overproduction and expiration waste over $163 billion worth of inventory each year. These items that never sell go to waste since they end up discarded. Others go to landfills because they perish before they make it to the market.

Inventory mismanagement, once again, is the reason for such massive waste.

That’s also why you should hire an inventory manager to cut your company’s inventory waste. They can help you avoid overproduction and surplus while lowering waste-related costs.

4. Happier Customers

With a dedicated manager comes a well-organized, accurate inventory. You want that because it reduces delays in production or fulfillment. It also helps ensure your clients receive precisely what they ordered.

All those benefits can then contribute to client satisfaction. Happy customers, in turn, are more likely to stay loyal to your brand. They also tend to leave positive reviews, which can boost your company’s reputation.

Consider Hiring an Inventory Manager ASAP

From accurate inventory to cost reduction, an inventory manager can do all these for you. They can also help your company become more sustainable, as part of their job is to reduce waste.

So, consider hiring an inventory manager ASAP. The sooner you do, the sooner you can maximize your inventory and profits.

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