Many people know that CBD has countless benefits for the human body. That’s why there is a huge demand and a fast-growing industry that includes different products from supplements to tinctures, oil, foods, beverages, gums, balms, shampoos, etc., including CBD in them. Soothing, reduction of chronic pain, and nervous system relief are the top benefits of CBD, known to scientists today. 

CBD has been known for its healing and soothing properties for ages. Women, in the past, including queens and female pharaohs, used CBD for their menstrual cramps and to ease the pains during childbirth. If you are looking for a special set of products created especially for women, check CBD Goddess Bundle. If you want to learn more about the mystical properties of CBD for women, keep reading this article. 

What Do We Know About the Benefits From CBD Today?

However, pain relief and soothing are not the only reasons they would take this “magical” substance. Here we will demystify some of the qualities, properties, and benefits of CBD, today and in the past.  

First things – first, let’s see in what body functions cannabinoid receptors are involved. They play a role in: 

  1. The good function of the immune system 
  2. Mood regulation 
  3. Pain relief in every part of the body
  4. Promoting better sleep 
  5. Fertility and Reproduction 
  6. Memory 
  7. Temperature regulation 

The fatty acids we get through food are vital for the normal functioning of all body systems, and pure hemp oil is made up of more than 75% omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in a 3:1 ratio. That is why its intake can help treat a number of health problems.

Hemp oil made from the full spectrum of the plant has the best properties. Manufacturers use  the stems, leaves, and flowers during the process of production of CBD oil. You can find high-quality hemp oil at Moon Mother Hemp.  They contain a higher concentration of beneficial compounds and, accordingly, can influence the health of the body to a greater extent. We will look at how in the following: 

Hemp stem oil

This product is extracted from the stem of the plant. That’s mainly because of its small amount of CBD. Therefore, it should have less than 0.3 percent THC.

Hemp seed oil

This oil  comes from the plant’s seeds, as the name suggests. They contain little or no THC or CBD. The oil is known for its healthy fatty acid properties.

CBD hemp oil

The CBD hemp oil is produced from the whole plant, including the flowers. It has the best qualities and is the main subject of today’s article.

Cannabis and Its Mystical Past 

Cannabis has a very long history. Its use originated in Asia and Western China. The plant is known for its healing properties for thousands of years (allegedly 2800 BC). “The father of Chinese medicine” – Emperor Shen Nung is the first documented person to have used cannabis for its medicinal properties. 

According to legends from the Hindu religion, God Shiva, the supreme god in many Hindu denominations, was also “Lord of Bhang,” because cannabis was his favorite food. The legends state that the benefits of the plant came from the fact that it pleased the Hindu gods, like Shiva. 

In some Hindu texts, cannabis was described as “the breath of the gods,” and using the plant was regarded as praising the gods, besides helping the person heal from fever or other illnesses. 

Furthermore, cannabis is mentioned in Hindu, Assyrian, Indian, Roman, and Greek texts. They used the plant for various health issues like depression, inflammation, pain, amenorrhea, and other health problems. 

Influential Female Figures in History Used Cannabis

Influential women in the past used cannabis for the reasons we mentioned above. There’s evidence that women like Queen Victoria and the long-reigning Egyptian female pharaoh Hatshepsut used cannabis for their medicinal purposes to relieve pain from cramps and during childbirth. That’s why, the Goddess Bundle by Moon Mother Hemp can be the proper solution for any woman who wants to treat herself as a queen or a pharaoh. 

In the 1940s, CBD was isolated by the iconic chemist Roger Adams and his colleagues. After that, it took several decades to develop the first products that contained CBD for medicinal purposes and begin legalization in the US and other countries around the world until it developed into the industry we know today.

To Sum It All Up…

CBD and hemp oil’s properties are demystified today thanks to scientific research. Chemists have successfully recognized more than 400 compounds in the cannabis plant. However, the use of the plant is not new. It has been found in Chinese and Hindu texts dating back to 2800 BC. Many influential women in the past, such as Queen Victoria and the pharaoh Hatshepsut used cannabis for soothing pain during childbirth and cramps.