Wedding photography is a huge business, and it’s one that’s largely built up on your conduct and professionalism. Yes, the quality of pictures matters, but to get those great pictures you truly do need to be able to conduct yourself well on the big day. This means being able to help your clients and their guests feel at ease, it means being able to direct them properly, and it means showcasing an air of professionalism and warmth throughout.

Knowing how to conduct yourself professionally in that way can help you stand out as a wedding photographer. You aren’t just there to take pictures, you’re there to capture an important memory, and part of that means being a warm, welcoming presence that people trust and turn to. If you aren’t sure how to start doing this, don’t worry, start using these tips:

Be Physically Ready for the Day Ahead

One of the most important tips for any new wedding photographer is to be physically prepared for the day ahead of you. This means eating a healthy breakfast or lunch before your shoot, hydrating appropriately on a hot day, and taking allergy medication before you go to an outdoor shoot. If you find that these tips alone aren’t enough to help, it’s important to seek a medical opinion. You may not be able to eat well because of a gut issue, or the over-the-counter antihistamine may not be strong enough, at which point you’d want to go to an online pharmacy like Chemist Click to pick up some fexofenadine. Not only will going above and beyond to care for your health help you on the day of any shoot, but you’ll also boost your health and wellbeing overall.

Stay On Top of Photo Trends

Chances are your clients will have seen a photo reel or images online that they want for themselves. You need to know what they’re talking about, so stay updated on the latest trends and have your own unique approach to go alongside it. Even if they hire you for your unique style, they may want that one trending type of photo because they like the look of it. Be adaptable. If you can’t adapt your approach to incorporate your client’s wishes, you won’t make it far in the industry.

Have a Unique List of Locations

Your photo locations will make a huge difference for engagement, anniversary, or couples photoshoots. Create a list of options (both free to go and paid) and put them in your photography packet so that your clients can pick and choose. This will really help you stand out since it answers questions your clients may not even know they needed an answer to.

Learn How to Pose

You need to learn how to pose, so that you can direct your clients appropriately. There are many great tips and tricks that can help everyone, no matter how photogenic they are, look fantastic in photos. Knowing the tricks in advance can help you direct your clients so that they put their best face forward. It’s also a good idea to practice with friends and family so that you can figure out how to describe these poses to get results quickly.