Phil Collins’s epic, hit-driven album ‘EPIC’ Solarwinds success, selling more than a billion copies. Now, for the first time ever, the album will be available on CD as well as vinyl. The cover art for ‘epic’ features the Queen of Pop alongside his legendary producer David Geffen at face value it seems. But is this really the best bit? Well, in the world of music history, it can sometimes be difficult to know when Phil Collins is referring to himself or something close to him. So, in an effort to make sure nobody mistook him for some kind of pop star or another singer/actress (or vice versa), we have taken Phil’s own words and turned them into an epic personal tale: Phil: My name is Phil Collins and my story begins with “epic” – but what makes it epic isn’t me or anything I did or did not do but rather where I came from and how I see things today. Here’s how it happened.

I’m a ‘sfw’ type of bloke

The sexy, confident, and famous singer/songwriter from Glasgow has always been known for his charming, genuine, and caring personality – which has made it tricky for younger, non-geeky people to get close to him. He has been called “a poet” and “a genius” by many, and his music is made to be heard by anyone, even just the most dedicated music snob. But he’s also known for being a workaholic who will work late into the night to complete a single project or record a new album. As a result, he doesn’t have time for anybody but himself – and that includes his family, friends, and partner of 30 years Olly Murs.

I was born in Glasgow, Scotland

This is the first time we’re actually going to discuss the birthdate of the artist/singer/actor/man/wh/any in this entire article. When we get to his actual name, we will know it’s an important date in rock history – but first, let’s get this ridiculous story of his birth out of the way.

I grew up listening to pop and rock

Musicians aren’t the only ones who can tell fortunes from playing instruments. For example, Stevie Wonder can read the skies with his singing, Neil Young is a gifted calligrapher, and Johnny Cash has an amazing way with words. These are all reasons why we should listen to pop and rock music.

My dad took me to see Duran Duran live in the early 80s and that’s where I first heard about Phil Collins

This is the first time we are actually going to get into the “why” and “how” of the break-up between Olly Murs and Ozzy Osbourne (for which we’ll get into in a bit). Let’s first get this thing out of the way – Ozzy and I never really got on. We would have probably Rift Social Media Chat, but he was just a douchebag.

How my love affair with music began

You might have heard about this, but early this year, we were both working as engineers at a studio in Muscat, Oman. While I was working on my first album, Ozzy was on tour and I was doing some work on the studio. One day, while playing a demo tape, one of the engineers heard Ozzy playing “The Ballad Of Malibu” on the mike, and he realized he was in love with the song. He jumped at the opportunity to record it for his new record label and sent it to Apple to be added to their app. So there you have it.

The day I broke into the music business

My first break into the music business was in the mid-2000’s when I produced an album as a difference-maker. The name of the album was “The Third Man”. It was a classic R&B project, with Aretha Franklin, Aretha’s husband, on the album and the producer even lending his name to the project.

My career started after my break-up with Olly Murs

On the 8th of May, 2011, Ozzy and I got married. We got married in the chapel of The Bel-Air Hotel in Los Angeles. The reception was held at The Fillmore West. The crowd was wild and the reception was fantastic. We were both in our 50s and 60s, and every time we were recognized for our marriage and success, people would start clapping, chuckling, and supporting us on stage and at the podium. That was the beginning of our career as a married couple.

Epic studio album of the year: Reflections On The TV Show ‘The X Factor’ – Can’t Forget About You

We were booked to perform at the Royal Albert Hall in London for X Factor judge Simon Cowell in May 2010, and we were up for it. We were on the jury and we were going to perform our best bits from the show. But somehow, someway, we lost the show and the album – which we recorded in Germany with producer Rick Rubin. It’s very strange, really.

Reflections On The TV Show ‘The X Factor’ – Can’t Forget About You

We had this album of our best bits with Simon Cowell on the X Factor that we recorded in Germany. We think that album is so special and moving because it’s the first time we’ve shared our best bits with the public since winning X Factor in 2004. We hope you like it and hear from you, if you have anything to add, comments, questions, or suggestions, please do.