Neuropathic pain is also known as nerve pain, and a person can feel it when you are injured or when there is some kind of damage done due to injury or diseases which impacts the somatosensory system of the body.

The primary function of the somatosensory system is touch, but it has links with things such as movement, the sensation of pain, along with the position and temperatures experienced by the body.

Neuropathic pain may cause different sensations in distinct individuals, but usually, people report sensations similar to the prickling of needles and pins to the skin.

It can be long-term pain, or short-term one, based on its causes and the severity of the causes, and it is categorized into three major subtypes.

Peripheral Neuropathic Pain

Neuropathic Pain that is caused due to damage or attack to the peripheral nervous system (Nerves present outside the spinal cord and brain) is said to be Peripheral neuropathic pain.

Peripheral neuropathic pain is often centered on the hands and feet, which can go numb over time.

Diabetes, autoimmune diseases, infections, and even excessive alcohol consumption are a few causes of peripheral neuropathic pain.

Central Neuropathic Pain

When there is any kind of damage to the central nervous system due to conditions such as brain tumors, stroke, or multiple sclerosis, then the pain resulting from such damage is known as central neuropathic pain. Central neuropathic pain may also be caused due to spinal cord injuries.

Mixed Neuropathic Pain

When a person is suffering from peripheral neuropathic pain and central neuropathic pain at the same time due to a combination of conditions, then it is known as mixed neuropathic pain.

Is Neuropathic Pain Curable or Preventable?

Even though neuropathic pain can cause various problems and make a person suffer a lot of discomforts, currently there is no cure for it, and we cannot even prevent it directly.

But fortunately, there are a variety of means and medications such as Gabapin 300 which can be used and applied to assist the treatment and better management of neuropathic pain and live a fulfilling life.

Let’s Have a Glance at the Variety of Ways that May Assist a Person in Managing the all Kinds of Neuropathic Pain Naturally:

Physical Movement

People who suffer from neuropathic pain should make it a point to avoid staying still in a position at a stretch when they are awake. This is because long durations of no active movements can make neuropathic pain worse with time.

People who have desk jobs or do not require to do many physical activities often have a tough time managing neuropathic pain in spite of the use of medications such as Pregarica, but they can improve their condition with few easily sustainable changes in their lifestyle.

If a person can walk, then going for walks is one of the easiest ways to manage neuropathic pain as it aids blood circulation in the body, gives your entire body some movement, and promotes the release of serotonin and dopamine in the body which can further help in relieving the pain that you are experiencing.

The best thing about walking is, you can walk almost anywhere, you can walk on your balcony, in a park, or just stroll around your desk at work from time to time.

If you are someone who cannot go for walk, then perhaps you should consider taking advice from a physiotherapist, who can assist you to move your body in a way that is aimed at relieving pain.

There are specific yoga poses (if your doctor allows them) that are also great for relieving neuropathic pain, but they can take some patience and practice before they relieve your pain.

Using Hot and Cold Compress

Using heat and cold for relieving pain is something that you can do at home with ease. While there are heat pads and cold strips available in certain pharmacy stores and markets, you can use good old home items for getting relief from your pain.

Most people prefer to use socks filled with rice, and microwaving it just a bit for heating it up and then placing them on areas that pain. Hot water bottles and hot water soaks can also give heat to the area that pain and reduce the pain by boosting blood circulation.

Ice-cubes can be used for getting a cold compress for the areas that pain, just makes sure to wrap the ice in a towel or a cloth that allows the coolness to feel to experience pain relief.

Both cold and heat compresses are great options to get neuropathic pain naturally if the pain is localized such as back pain or pain of the hands and feet.

Medicinal Drugs and Treatments are Also an Option to Try for Neuropathic Pain Relief

If your pain is difficult to deal with, and you are not able to perform your daily tasks such as bathing, or working properly, and home remedies are not offering you quick relief from the neuropathic pain, then please seek medical help.

There is nothing wrong with using painkillers available over-the-counter if you want quick relief from your neuropathic pain some days, and you will also find specific medications such as Generic Gabapentin which are specifically prescribed for the treatment of neuropathic pain.

If you are suffering from chronic neuropathic pain and your doctor has diagnosed the cause of it, then you may have been prescribed suitable treatments and medications, and following them should be a priority for you if you don’t want your nerve pain to become worse.

There are certain times when neuropathic pain can be reversible especially if the root cause of the nerve damage can be reversed or treated, having regular check-ups can really help in such cases.

It is possible to excel at work and school, maintain healthy relationships, and live normally in spite of chronic neuropathic pain as there are plenty of neuropathic pain management treatments, pills (would like to suggest to buy from, and home remedies available at our disposal.