In the UK, Megashare has been shut down after a lawsuit against it was filed in the UK High Court. This suit is believed to be the work of the Motion Picture Association and FACT, two pro-copyright groups. According to the lawsuit, Megashare has violated the terms of service of six UK internet service providers and is therefore no longer available to its users. However, despite the shutdown, Megashare will remain available to internet users whose ISPs do not provide Megashare. However, the site will not be adding any new content in the future.

Another great site like Megashare is 123movies. Although the original Gomovies website was closed down, there are several 123movies alternatives that offer the same service. These sites allow users to search for and stream any movie, and the quality is high enough to rival the quality of downloads. You can also find subtitles in a couple of languages. You can even download movies for offline viewing. Unlike Megashare, these sites have excellent user interfaces and offer a variety of content.

While Megashare is great for downloading movies, it’s not the best choice for streaming videos. Streaming movies is not as easy as downloading video files, and Megashare does not offer a secure streaming platform. If you want to watch a movie on your computer, you can try Netflix. Netflix’s app offers the same feature, and even allows you to download subtitles. If you prefer to watch TV shows online, you can also try out, which works on multiple platforms and supports several genres.

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