There are almost three million businesses in Australia, which shows why there are such meeting rooms.

Renting meeting rooms is great for boosting your team’s productivity and minimizing distractions. But, if you’ve never considered renting a meeting room, it’s difficult knowing what to look out for. Maybe that’s why you’re here; you want to familiarize yourself with the basics and want to expect.

Sounds like you? Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Here are five questions to ask regarding meeting room hire.

1. What Is Included in the Room Hire?

Before booking a meeting room, it’s important to ask about what’s included in the price.

This is crucial if you’re renting a larger space because you want attendees to feel comfortable during the meeting. You should also ask about amenities, whether it’s about the number of restrooms on the premises or if there’s catering.

2. What Technology Is Included? 

One of the top meeting room hire tips is choosing one that offers robust technology. You may want access to a projector, WiFi, and even laptops for your team. As you consider conference rooms hire, make sure you get a complete checklist to avoid disappointment.

And if you’re not confident with audio or visuals, ask whether staff can help with any troubleshooting issues.

3. How Will You Accommodate Our Needs? 

Regardless of the types of meeting rooms, you’re checking out, ask about how the team will accommodate your needs. Ideally, they’ll go the extra mile to streamline the meeting and avoid any hiccups. If you’re not sold, read through online reviews to determine what past customers say about the company and if they’re worth the investment.

4. What About Your Payment Policy? 

On your hunt for a meeting venue for hire, you must ask about the company’s payment policy. You should consistently be referring to your budget and only meeting with prospects that align with it. If you’ve got limited funds, ask whether it’s cheaper to host on weekdays compared to weekends.

Business owners should also ask about the deposit and payment schedule. Generally, venues will ask for a lump sum before signing a contract, so make sure you’re prepared.

5. What Is Your Cancellation Policy? 

Out of all the questions to ask before booking a meeting room, this is the most important.

You want to choose a venue that is flexible with cancellations, especially if it’s inescapable like a COVID-19 outbreak. And don’t forget to ask about how you’d be compensated in the worst-case scenario. For instance, you could receive a full refund while other companies will hold back a chunk as insurance.

Our Top Questions for Meeting Room Hire

Hopefully, you’ll ask these questions before investing in your next meeting room hire.

There are many inquiries to ask, such as asking about the venue’s payment policy and the amenities available. Business owners should also ask about the company’s cancellation and payment policy to avoid any issues further down the line. Good luck with your search!

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