Winter is rapidly approaching, so it’s time to start rummaging at the back of our wardrobes and getting ready to bundle up to enjoy the comfortable sweater season. We frequently ignore the importance underwear plays throughout the winter while concentrating on the layers of clothing that the season requires. Lingerie is seasonal, just like the rest of your wardrobe, and must be changed out to go with new clothing and weather.

How do you locate the ideal lingerie set for the winter? Our list of winter lingerie sets can help you with the onerous task of deciding what to wear underneath your clothes. You only need to carry on reading.


Changing weather conditions necessitate layering your clothing, so your everyday lingerie needs to be cosy and covered. To prevent any nipple show-through when it gets chilly, choose to wear your usual shirts and tops with Padded T-shirt bras in breathable materials with maximum coverage.

Push-up bras are a great option when wearing thick knits, layers of clothing, or sweaters that make your breasts look flat due to the bulky fabric. As push-up bras are a great way to highlight your shape. These styles have full coverage cups and soft, stretchy fabric that gently wraps your bust for a comfortable fit.

Something softer for cosy days

Nothing compliments a comfortable night in at home with a cup of hot cocoa like one of Bras & Honey’s comfy lingerie lines and nightwear sets. Their silky, brushed fabrics and concealed elastics that don’t pinch or itch provide pillow-like comfort for nighttime. You’ll receive all the coverage and concealment with an additional dose of comforting comfort that feels like a warm hug, whether you choose a more padded bra or the soft support set.

Layer up with seam-free lingerie

Under fitted tops or bodysuits, easy-to-slip-on lingerie with no seams is a smart choice. Slip-ons, such as those from our SKIMS collection, are simple to wear, seamless, and leave no bra or stitching visible on your clothes.

Additionally, these styles are made from airy materials that fit like a second skin and won’t make you feel stuffy underneath your winter clothing.

Winter Lingerie

When you know how to choose the appropriate lingerie, staying warm, cosy, and fashionable is simple. You are now prepared to look through and update your lingerie wardrobe for the season since you have our checklist in hand.