ITop VPN is a free VPN gratis software that offers 16 servers. However, it is limited to 700 MB of bandwidth per user. This software has mixed reviews. Some users report good connection speeds while others have experienced intermittent slowness. Furthermore, some people have reported problems with its stability.

ITop VPN is a VPN

ITop VPN is a Windows VPN software that allows users to surf the internet anonymously and with complete privacy. Its features include multiple server locations, a security suite, and a bypassing capability. This Windows VPN software doesn’t require registration and doesn’t keep logs of your browsing history or activity.

This VPN software has excellent encryption and fast speeds. It also offers advanced security features, such as anti-malware protection, Browser Privacy, and Ads Block. These features ensure that your browsing experience is safe and reliable. ITop VPN also provides a Kill Switch feature that blocks all internet traffic when the VPN connection is disconnected. This prevents any data from being collected by hackers or other trackers.

It uses a VPN

ITop VPN Windows uses a VPN to encrypt your internet traffic. This VPN is designed to keep you secure while using your computer, but it also helps you avoid the prying eyes of third parties. There are a few different VPN protocols, which will determine how your data will be encrypted and transferred. The most common are and. However, iTop VPN Windows uses a custom protocol called iTopVPN.

This VPN offers a variety of security features, including a kill switch to cut your internet connection if your VPN goes offline. This feature helps you avoid accidentally leaking your browsing data and IP to unauthorized parties. VPNs affect the speed of the internet to some degree, so users should be aware of this before connecting to them.

It has a kill switch

A kill switch is an important feature for a VPN that protects your privacy on the web. This feature automatically disables your internet connection whenever it senses a disruption in your connection. This can help protect your privacy while browsing websites or watching videos. The kill switch can also protect your IP address.

The kill switch prevents hackers from accessing your private data and prevents your IP address from being logged. The kill switch also prevents companies from tracking your internet activities. ITop VPN is equipped with a kill switch for free so that you can rest easy knowing your online security. It also comes with an ad blocker.

It uses a proxy connection

If you want to use VPN on your Windows computer, you need to know the proper way to set up the VPN connection. Although Microsoft has made the process more user-friendly, setting up a VPN connection still requires some computer expertise. Luckily, iTop VPN is a free VPN program with easy-to-use features.

The iTop VPN app connects to a secure VPN network and encrypts your internet traffic. This can help you protect yourself from being tracked or blocked on the Internet, especially when you connect to public WIFI. It can even help you access regionally restricted streaming resources and games.

It has a 16 server network

iTop VPN has a large number of servers with different locations. It claims to have more than 1800 servers in more than 100 countries. This network may include servers in multiple data centers. In addition to its wide variety of servers, it also has dedicated servers for social networking, gaming, and streaming.

Although the free version of iTop VPN is limited to 16 locations and 700 MB per day, it is far more generous than other free VPNs. iTop VPN ensures your privacy by encrypting your traffic, preventing hackers from accessing your personal information, and blocking advertising. Furthermore, it doesn’t keep logs of your browsing history, bandwidth usage, or how long you’re connected to VPN servers.

It has a clean web

ITop VPN Windows is an excellent VPN service, but its compatibility with routers is somewhat limited. It does not support many of the more popular routers, and users will need to purchase additional subscriptions to connect to more servers. However, the iTop VPN Windows app does include an advanced feature called Instant Connect, which automatically connects you to the fastest, most stable server in seconds. The app also offers split tunneling, a feature that lets you browse from one location to another while concealing your location.


The app’s interface is very simple and clean, and it has several languages available. It also has a large range of servers that are reliable. However, iTop VPN Windows does not have as many server options as some other top VPNs, including dedicated IP addresses. While iTop VPN does offer a wide variety of servers for different purposes, it lacks dedicated IP addresses, which may be important to some users.