If you are looking to use your Google Home Mini as a remote control, then you may be wondering if there’s a way to disable the touch sensitivity. The Home Mini ships with touch sensitivity, but you can disable it by following these steps. Using your voice, you can adjust the volume by pressing and holding the left or right side of the device. If you’d prefer to use a touch-free interface, then you can do that too, by long-pressing on the sides of the device. The left or right sides will still allow you to control the volume and perform actions, however.

You can also disable the microphone on the Google Home Mini. It can hear your questions and even misunderstand some words. Some people may want to disable the microphone on their Google Home Minis for privacy reasons, or to prevent accidental waking. Other users may want to disable the microphone on the device, so it doesn’t pick up their voice, but you can do this without disturbing your sleeping partner.

The Google Assistant feature allows you to customize the sensitivity of “Hey Google” to your liking. There are five sensitivity levels: “Default”, “Least Sensitive,” “Medium”, “High,” and more. By adjusting the sensitivity, you can control the level of sensitivity that your Google Home Mini receives. To use the same settings on multiple Google smart devices, you can also change the sensitivity of other connected devices.

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