While not necessary, a degree in real estate is beneficial. It gives you an understanding of the business and financial aspects of real estate. In addition to giving you a solid foundation in buying and selling properties, it will also help you keep up with changes in the industry. You’ll be able to better advise clients and stay on top of market trends. That said, if you want to be a success, a degree in real estate is a great idea.

While a degree in real estate isn’t required for your license, it may help your business. If you’d like to know how to properly market your listings, a degree in marketing can help you. You can also learn how to effectively use different real estate marketing methods, such as print, radio, and social media. In addition to these benefits, a degree in marketing is beneficial for building a network.

While real estate degrees are becoming increasingly popular, it is still rare for people to pursue one exclusively. You can take other majors, such as communications, business, finance, building inspection technology, or pre-law. If you choose to get into commercial real estate, make sure to confirm the program’s accreditation. Having a college degree also helps you stand out in the industry.