You might be asking yourself: Is enough for night photography? You may have seen those night scenes with thousands of stars and moonlit streets but still, do you have enough equipment? The answer to that is simple, yes. A basic zoom lens is enough for night photography, although an ultra-wide-angle lens would be useful for wide-stretched scenes. But a high-speed SLR is better than nothing.

When taking photographs at night, you should get a good tripod. The camera’s tripod must be steady for the long exposures you will need to take. You should get a tripod made of carbon fiber or aluminum, as they are light and sturdy. You can use a bubble spirit level or virtual horizon to ensure the tripod is level. This is very important to prevent blurry stars. You will have the best chance of capturing the best photos with a tripod.

If you want to take a photo in low-light conditions, you should consider a camera with high ISO. The higher the ISO, the more light is going through the camera. In addition to the higher ISO, you should also consider the shutter speed. A camera with a high shutter speed will get blurry if the light is too bright. You may also want to consider an inexpensive camera, like the Nikon D610. Its low price will make night photography easier for you.

For night photography, a high ISO is necessary. However, this is not the highest ISO you should use. The highest ISO can produce distracting image noise. Typically, ISO settings range from 1000 to 3200. As stars are dim, a wide aperture will let in as much light as possible. On the other hand, a narrow aperture will capture the light streaks in the night sky. The aperture value depends on how much light is available in the surroundings.

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