The exterior of your business creates the first impression for your customers and clients. So, it is definitely something that deserves dedication, time, and thought. It is vital for people to see what your business has to represent and a large part of that is how your business presents itself to the people coming in or passing by. If your building is lacking something, it will influence people’s decisions as to whether or not they give you the time of day. This post has some ways you can easily improve the exterior of any business.

Clean Up the Clutter

Clutter. Nobody needs it, and it is the number one reason why people will feel uncomfortable or create a negative view of your business. If the exterior is littered with rubbish, debris, and unkempt facades then people will notice and it will influence their viewpoint. While it isn’t a job you might feel motivated to do at the start or end of the day, clearing up the rubbish is just one of the essential tasks that have to be carried out properly and efficiently on a regular basis. So, if there is garbage around and broken parts left right, and center, it’s time to rectify this immediately so people don’t get put off before they even step inside.

Focus On Your Parking Lot

The second major factor that influences a customer’s perception of your business is how your parking lot delivers. It is undeniably convenient to have a good quality pavement and parking area for your clients and customers alike. Yet, if this is not properly maintained, you don’t stand a chance of impressing or warming people up to your company at all. A parking space should be clean, and functional and leave no space for damage or precarious situations. Make sure the design is up to scratch, the spaces are functional and the entry and exit points are clearly navigated.

The Advantages of a Good Parking Lot

There are plenty of advantages to a well thought through parking lot:

  • Customers will want to come back because they enjoy the convenience
  • It will stick in people’s minds and become a part of your brand image
  • When clients feel safe, they feel happier
  • A positive on-site experience from start to finish is important to maintain and protect the B2C relationship

Spruce Up the Greenery

The next step to take is to think about the greener aspects of your exterior. Where there is grass, it must always be well maintained and tidy so it looks aesthetically pleasing and fulfills the task at hand. If you don’t have any flowers, consider planting some installations that catch the eye and make things look more beautiful. Keeping up appearances is as important outside as inside after all, and humans really connect with nature when it is presented in a neutral but impactful way. Plants and trees do need some regular input and upkeep so that they don’t wilt and wither away, so don’t forget to add this into the considerations.

Hire a Grounds Maintenance Worker

This is where a suitably hired grounds maintenance worker comes in handy. Generally, having a dedicated employee to maintain property standards is a good idea for any business with a noticeable exterior area. Hiring someone to look after the grounds and greenery means regular employees and management can focus on their job descriptions internally too. It also shows to your customer base that you care about your presentation and put effort into the maintenance aspects. It boosts reputation and presents an image of nurture and inclusivity, and that is a culture that people will support.

Incorporate Brand Imagery

Never be afraid to put your brand at the forefront of visuals externally. Every business can benefit from a clear branding strategy because this is what shows the world who you are and what you stand for. There are many marketing advantages to having a clearly associated color scheme with your business, for instance, because people will think about you when they see it and that is what they will look for in other areas too. Have a sign with your name on it somewhere prominent and never feel reluctant to display your brand proudly for all to see.

Paint and Prime

Buildings need painting on the outside too. Even brick walls can benefit from a fresh paint job, and as long as the work is kept in line with local planning legislation and restriction criteria, this is a great opportunity to make a significant impact on how your store or business front looks. People are more likely to create a positive association with a company that is obviously taking the time to maintain their building and a fresh paint job is a big part of this. Repair anything that is damaged first, and choose a neutral color or one that sits in line with your brand pattern.

Be Unique

Businesses have to stand out to be memorable and retain impact. If it is the holidays, why not decorate accordingly? People are more likely to come inside if they feel a connection to what you’re trying to show them. Just because you’re a business, doesn’t mean you can’t get into the spirit of a season and create a unique persona as well. If you project a uniqueness to your corporate image, you are instantly more memorable, and isn’t that the ultimate goal? Spark people’s curiosity and their legs will follow.

Wash the Glasswork

Don’t forget about the windows! There is little to no point putting all the time and effort into the parking lot or painting the building and clearing the rubbish if your windows are sitting there gathering dirt and left unattended. Hiring a professional window cleaner is easy to do, and will not eat too much into the business budget either. This should be done a few times a month, and it will just give you the edge for your exterior as a result.

Make It Welcoming

How can you make the space more welcoming? This question deserves an answer. What do you want to see when you walk up to a store, and what would put you off? Consumer and market research is a useful strategy in this area because it will give you a wider perspective and a bigger voice to respond to. Drawing on personal experience is helpful, but only if it applies to the wider customer demand as well. Welcoming touches are a good thing to implement and can be anything from a carefully placed bench for anyone who needs it to a big sign that says welcome! People appreciate these touches.

Don’t Leave Any Area Neglected

Finally, never leave any area in a state of neglect. Customers want to feel safe, and their security should be paramount to your exterior strategy. If there are any areas outside that are lacking in love or attention, rectify this as soon as possible. Nobody wants to go to a store or business property and see a secluded area that emanates bad vibes. It will detract from the whole experience and create immediate, negative connotations which are ultimately detrimental to the wider objective at play.

Maintaining the exterior of your business building should have a dedicated strategy. As shown above, there are clear areas where useful moves can be put into place. Lots of these are budget friendly, and it is always worth the effort to go the extra mile and make your place of business look the part as well as provide top-class services. Customers need to feel welcome and included, so keep that at the heart of any move that is made.