Are you the unlucky one who has had a bed bug infestation in your house?  Unfortunately, bed bugs are difficult to get rid of and hence you might have to try various approaches to kill them. Once you can successfully identify and contain the areas infested by bed bugs,  you can combine a mixture of non-chemical and chemical treatments to kill them. 

It is nothing to be surprised that these tiny bloodsuckers can lead to huge trouble in your home. If they can reach your bed, they will leave red stains all over your body. You can get help from Bryan pest control company for the professional extermination of pests from your home. 

What are the most common signs of bed bug infestation?

Bed bugs have the habit of biting on to any skin they can get to. If they bite on human skin, the bite marks will take a few days to visually appear, but when they do,  they will look like a red marked center. Bed bugs are insects that are attracted to the carbon dioxide that is released by human beings when they sleep. They are also tempted by the body heat produced by human beings. This is why you will mostly find bed bugs around your head.

Few things you can try to get rid of bed bugs


If you suspect that bed bugs have reached your blankets,  bedding,  and clothes,  it is time to wash them in hot water. Using hot water while washing these items is extremely necessary as these insects can’t withstand the heat.  This is why experts suggest that heat treatment is one of the most effective ways of getting rid of these irritating creatures. 


One more effective remedy for getting rid of bed bugs is using baking soda.  Once you use this product, it will dehydrate the bugs by eliminating all the moisture.  Sprinkle a thin layer of baking soda on the areas that have been infected by bed bugs. 


Vacuum your furniture,  bedding, and also the tiny little cracks that you notice on the walls,  frames,  and wallpaper. Don’t forget to vacuum the box spring as this can also be a breeding place for bed bugs. Take a brush to brush off any eggs that you find on your mattress or upholstered furniture.

If your house has been largely infested by bed bugs,  it is better to see the help of a professional pest control service as they can guarantee you permanent solutions.