Lobbying is something that gets a bad rap. Most people think about corruption in politics and all the problems it causes. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t good things you can do when speaking with policymakers.

The problem is with getting attention. Federal lobbying reached new highs in 2022, which means it’s harder than ever to get someone’s attention.

Do you want to improve your lobbying technique to get better results? Read the guide below to learn how to get better results from lobbying.

Pick the Right Time

Finding the right time to speak with policymakers can make a big difference in your failure and success. Some people may be extremely busy, so you may be unable to squeeze in a spot to speak with them.

Because of that, they focus on taking on specific issues at different times. If you try to talk to someone about an issue at the wrong time, you may just get shoved off without getting any results.

Learn all you can about someone’s position on listening to lobbyists. When you do, you’ll be able to find the right time to set an appointment.

Research Your Targets

If you want to find success lobbying for your goals, you need to understand the people you speak with. You can’t always talk about what you want and expect people to listen. You must convey why what you offer is important and how it impacts other people.

The more you understand a policymaker’s views on a subject and the things that matter to them, the better you can frame your argument. Research as much as possible about the people you plan to speak with.

You’ll use this information to frame your talking points to appeal to what others will resonate with.

Gather the Right Materials

Presenting facts to policymakers is critical if you want them to take you seriously. Nobody should take you at your word that what you’re pushing is the best way to do things. You need to present facts that show that what you offer and want to change will make a difference.

Gather as much evidence as possible when you go to your meeting. Look at studies, take statements from experts, and do whatever else possible to give your idea the best chance of succeeding possible.

You may also be talking to people who aren’t experts at what you’re talking about. Be sure to condense information into an easy-to-read format that anyone can understand.

Outreach the Right Way

There are many ways to reach out to policymakers. Some offer their time in various forms, while others will want to reach out for appointments in specific ways.

Here are a few to consider:


Policymakers often reach out to the experts when they need help deciding on an issue. They reach out to expert groups and advisers to get more information about a topic.

You can make your way to these groups if you position yourself as someone with enough knowledge. From there, you can advertise your consulting services on topics you care about.

Face-to-Face Meeting

Another popular way to talk to policymakers is a face-to-face meeting. You can schedule an appointment with someone and carve out a time to make your pitch with direct lobbying.

You’ll need to prepare well when doing this. On top of that, they can take a long time to arrange and schedule. But they stand above the rest as one of the best ways to get attention and make your desires known.

International Conferences

An international conference is another excellent way to meet policymakers. Make well-known people use conferences as a way to network and meet other influential people. If you can make your name known there, you can network with people with reach.

Of course, you’ll need to consider any legal challenges and conflicts going this route. Be sure to understand your legal obligations when speaking with people from other countries.

Remember the Staff

The policymaker isn’t likely going to be the person you’ll deal with all the time. This is true when setting up appointments and working directly with someone. They have a team of people to handle much of the heavy lifting.

This means you’ll be dealing with staff a lot of the time. These are the people you’ll need to get to know well and gain the favor of. It’s not uncommon for staff to dismiss your prospects if you do something wrong that makes them see you negatively.

Be sure to learn about all the people you speak with and try to be pleasant to work with. You’ll be counting on their support to help gain access to policymakers.

Don’t Forget to Followup

It isn’t enough to get in touch with a policymaker one time. People in power will take time to make their decisions. During that time, they will probably also talk to people who have the opposite position as you.

It’s essential to follow up with people after your initial conversation. You want to see where they stand on a position and if there is anything you can do to sway their opinion.

Learn to be considerate when doing this, and don’t bombard someone with communication requests.

It’s Possible to Improve Your Lobbying Technique

It’s not easy to change things on your own. You work within the framework given to you, but that framework doesn’t always include the tools you need to succeed. Sometimes you need to work with people in power and gain policy influence to change things.

That’s why you should learn every lobbying technique you can. It will help you give an edge in gaining influence and help you bring the change you want to the world.

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