Carpets have a big role in your home and have become a major part of your living space. If you want your carpet to be the center of attraction, you naturally should focus on its cleanliness and maintenance.

Moreover, your home’s carpet will last longer if you keep them free from odor and dust. So, if you wish to keep your carpet in the best form, then you should hire a professional carpet cleaning Edmonton company.

A professional carpet cleaning company suggests getting your carpets cleaned every 8 to 14 months, but the recommendation may change depending on specific circumstances.

For instance, if your home is in a commercial space where the environment is dusty and not too clean, you should get your carpets cleaned twice a year. If you have a pet who loves carpets, then you should surely get your carpets cleaned more frequently.

Here in this blog, we shall determine how often you should clean your carpets:

How much do you vacuum?

Vacuuming your carpet once a week will help keep it in good condition. The vacuum will suck all the loose particles from the carpet before letting them settle deep.

Usually, regular vacuuming helps you with longer gaps between professional carpet cleaning. But irrespective of how often you vacuum, hiring a professional to deep clean your carpet is a must.

Does anyone in your family have an allergy or respiratory issue?

Carpet fibers work as a filter to collect all the allergens and dust floating in your home’s air.

So, with time, these allergy-generating particles will build up in your carpet fiber, and when someone walks on those carpet areas, they will spread in the air. When allergens spread in the air, they can be inhaled by anyone and cause an allergic reaction.

Accumulating allergens on the carpet is a health threat for all and will have a disastrous impact on your well-being. You can get rid of this issue by hiring a professional carpet cleaner and restoring the healthy living environment of your home.

Do you have pets with you?

Regular cleaning is essential if you have pets in your home. Even a well-trained pet will make a mess.

Pets also bring the outside dirt to the carpet through their paws and fur. If they’re unwell, they may vomit on your carpet. Such accidents can cause stains and generate foul odors and germs.

Such situations prompt frequent carpet cleaning. Going for professional cleaning will help keep your carpet smell and stain-free.

What is the color of your carpet?

The color of your carpet also suggests its cleaning frequency. For instance, light color carpets are prone to showcasing stains and dirt. Also, you need higher maintenance to maintain the look and appeal of a light-colored carpet compared to darker shades.

So, if you have light-colored carpet in your space, go for frequent carpet cleaning.

In these situations, you may have to go for professional carpet cleaning in Edmonton at least twice or thrice a year.