Did you know that the gas and oil industry is one of the largest business sectors in the world? The United States produces around 18.9 million barrels of oil per day.

Entering the oil and gas industry is ideal if you want a variety of opportunities, you like to solve problems, and you want to work in different locations. You can work as a technician in the field, a professional in an office, or start your own company.

Are you wondering how to enter the gas and oil industry? If so, keep reading to learn more about oil and gas careers.

Go to College

If you want to work for an oil and gas business, the first step is to go to college. While you can enter the industry without a degree, going to college first will allow you to make more money and move up the business chain faster.

Some of the best fields to study in college include engineering, math, geology, and other earth sciences. You also can study business management if starting a company is your ultimate goal.

Apply for Entry-Level Jobs

Once you are ready to start your career, you should look for entry-level jobs. If you didn’t go to college, you can find entry-level jobs as a welder, driller, field technician, truck driver, or mechanic.

If you have a degree, look for entry-level jobs that match your degree. You may be able to work as an engineer, supervisor, project manager, or supply chain analyst.

Build Your Network

One of the best ways to grow your career in the oil and gas industry is to focus on making contacts. Whether you are a truck driver or a top-level manager, making connections will give you new opportunities.

Building your network will make it easier to get referrals, find out about new jobs, and start a business. To grow your network, find a mentor, use social media, and always volunteer for new tasks outside your comfort zone.

Consider Starting a Business

Once you gain experience in the industry, you should consider starting a gas and oil company. Starting a business will allow you to create a lifestyle you enjoy, make more money, and work anywhere in the world.

You can start a business in oil exploration, drilling, pipelines, transportation, or gas stations. The type of business you start will depend on your skills and expertise.

To start your business, you will need a financial, marketing, and operations plan. You also will need to buy gas and oil equipment, such as trucks, drilling machines, and storage tanks.

Are You Ready to Get Into the Gas and Oil Industry?

Working in the gas and oil industry is a great option if you want a challenging career that allows you to make good money. If you want to work for or own an oil and gas company, keep these tips in mind.

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