Did you know that the average truck driver in the United States of America drives more than 125,000 miles each year? Running a trucking business is a massive endeavor and it’s important to keep your drivers and your business assets protected. The possibility of an accident is always around that next bend in the road, but trucking insurance will keep your drivers and your business safe.

Getting trucking insurance will keep your trucks and your drivers covered should the worst happen during their work day. The good news is that you’re about to learn all of the perks of insuring trucks and drivers for your trucking business.

Keep reading this article to learn more about getting commercial insurance for your trucks today!

Protects Your Assets

The main reason that commercial trucking businesses look to get trucking insurance is to cover and protect their assets. Purchasing a semi-truck is a massive investment, and repairs will cost a lot if an accident happens. Getting trucking insurance will help you cover those expenses after an accident.

It’s no secret that there are risks that come with a trucking business. Accidents will occur. Getting trucking insurance will help you and your drivers get back on your feet.

Downtime Coverage

Your business is dependent on making deliveries and picking up shipments. It makes sense that you’d have a difficult time bringing in more revenue if your trucks are in the shop after an accident. A trucking accident could put your business under severe strain, but your fleet insurance is there to help you out during this downtime.

Helps With the Department of Transportation Compliance

The Department of Transportation in your state will require you to have the proper insurance coverage for your commercial trucking fleet. You will face major fines if you’re not staying compliant with these laws. Your trucking insurance coverage will provide DOT compliance services so that you won’t need to handle that headache in the future.

Coverage for All Incidents

Another reason that you need to get truck insurance is the fact that you’ll get covered for all incidents. If your truck is involved in a massive accident you will receive the finances to cover repairs and medical bills. The same coverage applies to a small issue like a chipped windshield.

You will also get covered for any issues you cause for other motorists. It’s the best way to protect the assets of your trucking business. Your drivers and your assets will get the protection they need for continued success.

Get Your Trucking Insurance Today

Getting trucking insurance is a great idea if you plan on running a stable and successful trucking business. Your fleet insurance will keep you covered for all incidents no matter how severe or insignificant. You will also get the help that you need with remaining compliant with the Department of Transportation.

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