FIFA 23 comes with Hyper Motion 2, a technology that improves the gameplay in Pro Clubs mode. Four new perks and more are available.

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Pro Clubs Gameplay Updates

All the gameplay and match day updates influence your experience in Pro Clubs. Features such as the AR replay system transform important happenings into amazing moments. The Hyper-Realistic Pitch looks amazing. The development team spared no effort to ensure that the 2022 game is the most realistic in the series. The game has four new perks. They give players the chance to refine the way they are playing. We have two defensive perks, one attacking perk, and one perk that creates an opportunity. We will talk about each one in detail. Interceptor and Chase Down are the two defensive perks. Interceptor enhances your skill to interrupt and catch the passes and shots the opponent makes when they are defending. This happens when close to the ball. The Chase Down perk improves your pace when you are defending after you lose the ball. If you don’t reacquire possession within 40 seconds of in-game time the perk deactivates. The attacking perk Poacher enhances your finishing when you are inside the box. It gives increases to finishing, volleys, and heading accuracy. The opportunity creation perk Light Passes improves the ability of your mates to trap and control the passes you make. The Drop-Ins mode has received some updates that make it quicker-paced and more exciting. Half Lengths now last for four minutes. Matches will advance to the Golden Goal additional time if there is a draw after 90 minutes. Games will not go to penalties after two Golden Goals. The match will then end in a draw. Drop-Ins games will take place in a variety of arenas to make them more entertaining. The players will equip kits from a collection of Drop-Ins creations. The kits and arenas rotate to provide a fresh experience for users. After the game, accolades single out the best five players in a variety of categories such as longest run distance, most tackles, and more.