Banjo-Man Posts: 1,603 PRimmage Member Rep: Third time the charm? The charm is back in work. Dan B has been my long-time hero for many years now and it’s back to being a favorite again. Not only did he return my favor by getting me back into the swing of things on Sunday, he put in some quality time with my oldest there and also provided some much needed insights into working with children as a result of his experience. As any parent knows, kids are hesitant to ask for help, but Dan B showed us exactly how to make sure they don’t need it.

What would you do if you were in Dan B’s shoes?

First, Dan B is an incredible human being who has done so much for both the arts and the business world. As an artist and songwriter, he is both an icons and my hero. As a business owner, he has become synonymous with the concept of natural advertising, which he started in 1969 with the appearance of a billboard advertising his first ever hit. Since that time, he has accrued an estimated income of over $100 million and is still going strong. I would do anything for my friends, family and clients, and I have no doubt in my mind that he would do the same for me. Plus, Dan B’s company is still around and doing great things even over 70 years later.

## Why have kids?

Kids are so curious, creative, and aware. They love coming in contact with new things and learning about the world around them. They are very much in tune with the moment and are happy to just sit and observe instead of trying to do something about it. They are also relatively easy to approach. Parents, however, are often afraid to broach the topic because it can cause anxiety in their kids. That makes good sense because kids are still in their very early stages of psychological functioning. As a result, it can be very difficult to get them to fully understand the importance of proper social interaction and responsibility. Parents, however, can remain patient and give their kids space to be themselves.

Working with children as a career

Kids are very versatile, and they can be great actors, writers, and performers. They can also be good musicians, scientists, and even entrepreneurs. To be sure they get the proper role models in life, parents need to work with kids in each of these fields. Here are some kids’ roles models I would encourage my kids to follow:

Dinosaur – The character Dinosaur from Jurassic Park is a perfect role model for working with kids in bands, acting, and even in business. He is creative, funny, and has a natural ability to communicate ideas and concepts with other people.

Cats – Cats are a breed of marsupial that live in and out of the wild. As their name suggests, they are can easily be confused with humans because of their coloration, but they are quick to identify the difference and are very curious about new things. They are friendly, playful, and very intelligent.

Raccoons – Raccoons are a family of wildcats that live in the American Northeast. They are the most intelligent and curious of all the species of wildcats.

Focus and guidance

As a parent, you need to give your kids boundaries and boundaries are magic. If a child is misbehaving, you need to stand up for them, use your authority, and remind them that wrong behavior is wrong behavior. If a child is constantly doing something wrong and you don’t know what is happening, then you need to ask. When a child is choosing to do something wrong, you need to make an effort to correct them. If a parent is constantly doing nothing but playing with their own hair and ignoring the needs of others, then there is a problem and you need to intervene. If a parent is choosing to ignore a child’s needs or give them less than optimal attention, then that is a problem and needs solving too. If a child is choosing to do something even when you are not there, then that is a problem and needs solving too.

Helping other parents find the love of their lives

As a parent, you should always be looking for ways to help other parents find the love of their lives. This means showing up for parent meetings, sending newsletters, and taking the part-time job in exchange for some support. As a matter of fact, it is more likely for a parent to find the love of their life in their child if they are around them a lot. As a parent, you should encourage your child to express themselves and to make mistakes. However, you should also show your child that you will support them if they ever make a mistake and show them how much you mean it when you say you will always be there for them. You should also never use your position in your child’s life to progress your own goals or take advantage of others. Instead, show your child how much you love them and want the best for them by always showing up for parent meetings, helping out at the local event, and giving your full support when needed.


Working with kids is a wonderful thing. They are so curious and open to new ideas and are very easy to approach. They also love to try new things and are very curious about new things too. That is why working with kids is always a great way to learn new skills and create new friendships.