Tennis elbow is a painful condition occurring on the outer side of the elbow. Using your arms frequently and repetitively can result in injury and inflammation of the muscles and tendons near the elbow. However, despite its name, people playing other sports like golf or even those engaged in activities requiring repetitive and over-use of the arm can suffer from this excruciating condition. Some of the most effective methods you can practice to prevent suffering from tennis elbow include:

Avoid Doing Repetitive Tasks

You should consider offsetting the damage of the repetitive activity with a cross-training workout routine if you play a sport or are engaged in an activity requiring you to use your arm for high-impact hitting. If you have rested your arm for some time, you must make sure that you do not suddenly start playing or working at full speed and instead take your time to return to your usual form. It is important to appreciate that the more tired you are, the more likely you will deviate from proper technique and injure yourself.

Take Breaks

If you find your arm getting painful, it signals you need to take a break and rest. Playing sports like tennis or working in construction activities that demand a lot of arm movements can easily result in your arm being injured and causing pain, so you need to recognize it early and rest before you exacerbate the injury. Applying ice on the sore spot at least two times daily can ease the pain by reducing the inflammation, observes a pain specialist at QC Kinetix (Coral Gables) near Coral Gables, a reputed pain clinic.
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Warm Up and Stretch Properly 

Before you engage in any strenuous physical activity, especially those demanding sudden and quick arm movements, you must ensure that your muscles are adequately warmed up. It will allow your muscles to be more flexible, and your arm can bear more stress and impact besides improving your range of motion. When the muscles attached to your elbows are strong, there is less chance of injury. According to Forbes, PRP treatment, a form of regenerative medicine is showing a lot of potential for curing tennis elbow.

Exercise Regularly Using Proper Technique

If you have not been using your forearm muscles regularly to prevent injury, you must start slowly. It is vital not to try to return to any sport or activity at a furious pace without a proper physical conditioning routine. You must exercise your muscles properly to make them strong and flexible enough to take on the stress you subject them to. Bending and stretching your arm, rotating it, and doing pushups can make your muscles stronger. You should aim to reduce the stress on your forearm muscles and tendons by keeping your arms bent and the palms facing your body.


Tennis elbow is a painful condition, and if you suspect that you have injured your muscles, you must immediately discontinue the sport or activity to enable your muscles to recover. Taking a break early and returning to the activity at a low pace will keep you fitter and cause less suffering.