It’s not surprising that many building owners want to be more eco-friendly nowadays, considering buildings contribute a large majority of energy consumption. In fact, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe reports that they could account for 40% of energy consumption. Much of this number is from cooling systems which take up 40 to 50%… probably because cooling systems continuously operate in most commercial buildings during hot days.

With an increased focus on sustainability, many building owners are now looking for options that will help them reduce their carbon footprint. Cooling as a Service (CaaS) is one such solution as a building cooling system that can provide comfortable temperatures and also help to reduce emissions.

Cooling as a Service as the commercial cooling system

Cooling as a Service, or CaaS, is a greener approach for a commercial cooling system. CaaS providers use chilled water systems to bring comfortable temperatures inside large buildings. Also, chilled water systems are well-known in terms of their energy efficiency when compared to other cooling systems.

How does CaaS work for building owners?

Building owners only need to pay for the cooling, just like they would pay for electricity or water. The way it works is that you sign a contract with the CaaS provider, who will build the chilled water plant for your building and be responsible for the system’s upkeep. In other words, you, as the building owner, can focus on your business without having to think about the cooling system.

What are the advantages of using Cooling as a Service as a commercial cooling system?

There are several advantages to opting for CaaS. For one, you won’t need to make any capital investments in a cooling system because CaaS providers own and operate chilled water systems in your building when you use their service. In addition, the provider will take care of the cooling system, so you won’t have to worry about high operational and maintenance expenses.

This approach also lowers your building’s carbon footprint. The provider watches the system’s performance and makes changes if necessary to ensure it is operating at peak efficiency. Most CaaS providers use data-driven methods to assist facility owners in getting the most out of their systems.

What types of buildings are suitable for using CaaS?

CaaS is the right solution for a commercial building cooling system. It is great for medium to large structures. You can take advantage of CaaS whether you operate office buildings, data centres, retail stores, or warehouses. Plus, it’s perfect for both new construction projects and renovations alike.

Bringing sustainable cooling without sacrificing comfort is possible with CaaS

Sustainable cooling is now a possibility with CaaS, and you won’t have to make any sacrifices in tenant or employee comfort. When you sign up for CaaS, the provider will be responsible for making sure that your system runs well while also providing optimal cooling.

Building owners could focus on their business without having to worry about the cooling system, as the CaaS provider will handle everything. If you’re looking for a cost-effective and long-lasting cooling solution for your commercial building, CaaS could be the answer.