Connected? Confused? Solarwinds? Me too. I’ve been working in tech for almost 9 years now and it’s still new to me. In fact, I just turned 30! But the more I explore new technologies and industries, the more confused I get. So when a friend asked if I’d be willing to write about my experience working with tech companies in germany, it was an open invitation to learn and share my experiences. So here is what happened from start to finish.

What is a leveraging mindset?

A leveraging mindset is a mindset that makes you more approachable, collaborative and aggressive in the early stages of your work. In other words, you are more likely to work with people from whom you can learn and relate to on a personal and business level. You’re also more likely to build relationships with key stakeholders in the early stages. This can really help you get the most out of your job!

Being Collaborative

In a collaborative work environment, you’re more likely to get the whole story out of everyone in your team. You’re likely to collaborate more, share your learning and receive feedback more frequently. You might even find that you’re more likely to collaborate with and receive feedback from employees who you haven’t worked with before!

Technology Differences

The types of devices and software you’re likely to use will definitely influence how you work. For example, while your colleague who taught you to design webinars might prefer to work with C#, your manager might prefer to work with VB. Although some of these technologies are similar, there are also plenty of differences that make up the difference between the two.

Finding the right culture

Finding the right culture to work in is super important for any startup. It’s not just about finding a great city or location. It’s also about finding a culture that you can comfortably fit in your head. If you have a bad experience working in a company where people are often drinking and smoking weed, you may end up staying because you have a “bad” idea! If you’ve worked in a company where the culture is completely opposite of how you were raised, you may end up staying because you love it there and want to bring the culture to life!

Working with different software companies

In fact, working with different software companies may help you form a better understanding of how different technology stacks up against one another. You may find that the culture you’re used to at Apple or Microsoft isn’t necessarily the best for your business. Or, you may find that working with startups with a different culture and team culture from yours will definitely bring things to life.

Be Patient and Ditch the Fuss

It’s easy to get impatient when working with large teams of people. You’re likely to work on dull, repetitive tasks that are made harder by the fact that you’re not always completely sure which tasks to take up next. But patience is an important key factor when it comes to diving right into the unknown. If you need a task that is extremely momentum-driven, you will likely need to be patient with your colleagues. It may help to keep a journal of your tasks, giving you a clear sense of when and how you’re achieving things. But don’t be afraid to ask for help when you’re struggling. People will always be willing to help those who ask!


In a fast-moving world, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the plethora of tasks and opportunities that come our way. It’s important to remember that there is time for decompression and re-acquainting yourself with your gifts and your strengths. The stress that comes with this can lead to overthinking and getting bogged down in details. Working with tech companies in germany, you will learn about new technology and find yourself quite confused about where to start. So, remember: be collaborative, be persistent, and be patient!