In 2022, the average cost for an American wedding is $27,100. If you’re getting married soon, then expect to pay around this amount!

One part of your budget should go towards bridesmaid dresses, which should complement your own dress perfectly. But these are notorious for being hideous and unflattering. So how can you pick the right ones to make everyone happy?

Keep reading to see how to make good choices at bridesmaid dresses shops near me.

Match Your Wedding Dress

Take a good look at your wedding dress. What color and style have you picked out?

You’ll want to buy bridesmaid dresses that are similar, but not identical. That way, when you take pictures, you can stand out above your bridal party (as you should!).

You don’t necessarily have to choose the same style either. Just ensuring that they don’t clash will be enough to set you apart from your bridesmaids.

Keep in Line With the Color Scheme

Ensuring your bridesmaid dresses don’t conflict with the color scheme is important. For example, if you’ve picked blue and gold for your wedding colors, dresses in hot pink or purple won’t go well with them.

A safe route is to choose slightly different hues. Different tones of the same colors can add depth and dimension to your wedding day!

Think About the Weather

Where will your wedding be held? And during which part of the year? Not only do you want everyone to look beautiful, but you also want them to be comfortable.

While they’re not often used, long sleeve bridesmaid dresses can be ideal if your girls want to cover up and be warm during a snowy winter wedding. Or short, sleeveless dresses can be freeing if you’re having a beachside wedding on the sand.

Let Your Bridesmaids Choose

Not everyone will have the same tastes, which is ok! This is why you should let every person pick their own bridesmaid dress, so long as it follows the guidelines you’ve given them.

On that note, don’t be too strict on your dress requirements. For instance, you can tell them which colors to stick to, as well as lengths and accessories.

But otherwise, giving your girls free reign on what they wear can empower them. It can also enable them to highlight their best features and hide any perceived flaws. As a result, they’ll look and feel confident on your big day.

Get Outstanding Bridesmaid Dresses Shops Near Me

When you go into bridesmaid dresses shops near me, you’ll know how to pick dresses efficiently. Bringing your bridal party can be beneficial, as they can provide input. After all, they’re the ones wearing the dresses!

So forget about all your worries. With our tips, you’ll be able to get the best bridesmaid dress choices and show your girls’ best qualities!

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