Out of all the table games that people play, eight ball pool is the most famous and most loved game. It a game played by professionals all over the world. It is a game played as singles or doubles and has a specific game setup. It is played on a gaming table with six pockets in it, has two cue sticks and 15 numbered balls. These balls have to be put in the table pockets with the help of sticks. The balls are arranged in a specific order, and they have to be hit in a specific order. Once you know the rules of the game, you can easily sail through. Earlier this game was played offline but nowadays,

  1. IMPROVES YOUR FOCUS- This game cannot be played until you are completely focused. It needs the focus of the player, and he has to concentrate purely on his game. The one who is bad in focus can improve it from this game. It requires full attention of the player. To be a winner one has to focus his attention on the ball to be hit and remove it from other balls. This teaches the lesson of focusing on things important presently.
  2. BUILDS YOUR STRATEGY MAKING SKILLS- The balls in this game have to be hit in a proper sequence. Without making a proper strategy you cannot succeed. You have to plan how, when and in which direction you need to hit the ball with your stick and also be ahead of the opposite player. Just like chess and other casual games, 8 ball pool also requires well-planned strategy to win and make it difficult for other player to hit the balls accurately.
  3. EFFECTIVE WAY TO RELAX AND BE STRESS-FREE- No doubt, all games are meant to give you a relaxing experience. But only few games like eight ball pool give both the relaxing and mind sharpening opportunity. Playing this game is a good escape from your routine and be free from the everyday stress we face.The game gets you fully engrossed and makes you forget all the worries you may be carrying.
  4. DEVELOPS PRESENCE OF MIND- Gamezy free app(play store) provides the opportunity to 8 ball pool download for free. This helps in building your presence of mind. You have to keep the mind completely open and present to be able to make strategies on the spot even if the game doesn’t work as you had planned.

Eight ball pool game is overall a mind booster game which helps you make better eye and hand coordination. There are many applications providing the facility of playing this game online and boosting up yourself. This is also good as practice for those who play it offline regularly. Do not look at it just as a game but an escape from everyday life. It develops the competitive spirit and the sportsmanship in you helping you go high in every sphere of life.