When it rains heavily or the snow melts, it is time you should peep into your basement and look for any dampness or water damage. As soon as you notice moisture or any other signs of moisture, you should hire a professional waterproofing company Toronto.

But there are several myths regarding basement waterproofing, and around 65% of homeowners believe in them. This is due to ignorance, i.e., people who don’t have appropriate information about waterproofing believe those false rumors. Having the proper knowledge is essential to keep the water away from your basement effectively.

Here are a few fictions and facts mentioned:

Fiction: The most effective way of waterproofing your moldy basement is applying a few coats of waterproof paint; this will solve the problem of moisture and mold.

Fact: The fact is it will only partially solve the moisture problem. By painting the walls, all you are doing is hiding the problem area for some time, but the problem is still there, and after a while, this temporary solution will fail in waterproofing your basement. Surely you would not want this to happen, as the toxins released in the air by mold and mildew growth lead to serious health issues such as eye irritation, throat irritation, nose irritation, difficulty breathing, etc. If you plan to remove the mold with bleach, which is a disgusting thing to do on your own, the real problem will still be there, which will cause damage to your basement again. You need to address the underlying moisture problem. That’s why getting a professional contractor’s help is essential when getting your home rid of a wet basement.

Fiction: Even after waterproofing your basement, it will still be leaky.

Fact: This misconception is prevalent among homeowners who get their basements waterproofed partially. A homeowner may get the exterior of their home waterproofed, leaving the interior as it is or vice versa. If you partially waterproof your home, then it is likely that the problem will arise again. Complete waterproofing, including the exterior and interior, will make your home absolutely watertight.

Fiction: Basement waterproofing is a long process where you will have to spend an insane amount of money that could be saved and later used for other important purposes.

Fact: A reputable basement waterproofing company in Toronto won’t assume what should be done; rather, visit your home and carefully assess it to determine the best solution for your moisture problem. A wet basement can be traced back to:

If the ground slopes toward the foundation of your home, this causes water to drain towards the foundation and pool against it, where it seeps through cracks.

If there are poorly laid-out gutters, water will enter your basement through a tiny opening when it rains heavily.

Window wells allow light and air circulation, but their basic designs lead to water collection. Water accumulates in the window well and seeps in through small gaps.

The room where pipes are installed, such as laundry rooms, kitchen, or bathroom, can be a potential source of seepage and allows moisture to enter the basement below.

Since you have the appropriate knowledge and all your myths have been broken, you can now do little research and hire a professional to eliminate the excess moisture in your basement and keep your basement dry.