In a 2022 survey, 72% of Americans said a spacious yard is at the top of their wish list should they look for a new home. Over 3 in 4 who already had a yard also said it’s among their home’s most essential parts.

So, if you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor space you rarely use, it’s time to turn it into an oasis.

Below is a list of the top outdoor remodel ideas to turn backyard spaces into relaxing places, so read on.

Fill It With Green and Color

From an ecological standpoint, an oasis is an area full of lush greenery and vegetation.

So, plants are among the first things you need to create a backyard oasis. Lots of it, if possible.

Some ideas include raised garden beds, potted plants, flower boxes, and mature trees. Just make sure your choices are ideal for your climate.

Go With Edible Borders and Walls

In 2022, fruits and vegetables cost over 7% more than they did the year before. Others, like lettuce, lemons, and oranges, even had steeper price increases. So, it’s no wonder gardening experts said more folks in the U.S. had started to grow their food at home.

Take a page from those people’s books by including a fruit and veggie garden in your backyard oasis. They make for perfect borders and walls, adding more privacy to your outdoor space. Plus, many of them, including lettuce, green beans, and cucumbers, are easy to grow.

Invest in Weather-Resistant Furniture

Whether it’s traditional or modern outdoor furniture you want, go for weather-resistant items. These include stainless steel, powder-coated reinforced steel, and finished hardwood like teak. They’re ideal for all climates, making them perfect long-term investments.

Get Swinging

Scientists associate swinging motions with calming and relaxing effects. This may be why it helps babies fall asleep faster. It may also help explain how even adults can relax on swings.

So when aiming for a relaxing, upgraded backyard, consider adding a porch swing (or two). You can also get a sturdy outdoor patio hammock that can double as a hanging bed.

Mind the Shade

While outdoor time benefits your health, too much sun can be dangerous. Direct exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can burn the skin within 10 to 60 minutes.

One of the best and lowest-cost hacks to avoid that is to cover a backyard deck with used tarpaulins. But if you have a bigger budget, you can get a patio awning, patio umbrella, or gazebo. An arbor or pergola with vines can also do the trick.

Transform Backyard Spaces Into Oases With These Ideas

From edible plants to shaded areas, these can all give backyard spaces an oasis-like feel. And having such a spot in your yard can extend your living area and help boost your home’s value. Best of all, it allows your entire family to connect more with nature.

So, as early as now, plan an outdoor remodel to make the most of your yard.

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