If you love traveling and are often jetting off around the world, you might often feel guilty about the impact that your vacations and trips are having on the environment and their contribution to climate change, especially if you choose to fly to your destination. However, there are many hotels and resorts that now prioritize eco-friendly stays, and here is a guide to just some of them.

1. Westgate Resort & Casino

Opening in 1969 as The International, Westgate Resort & Casino offers 2,956 hotel rooms and a variety of shows, including Barry Manilow.

Westgate Resort & Casino is a great option for guests who are looking for an environmentally conscious touch to their vacation. If the guilt of flying is starting to get to you, Westgate offers an adjustable thermostat that can keep you in control of your room’s heat. Westgate resorts have also committed to energy-efficient pools, increased insulation on their properties, solar panels, LED lighting, and reduced water usage. They also make this part of their training when they recruit new staff members. Then, by staying at Westgate, you will have the chance to stay at a resort that prioritizes the environment every single day and whose mission statement makes it clear that they want to reduce their impact on climate change as much as possible. You should then look at booking a room at Westgate Resorts in Vegas.

2. The Mirage Hotel & Casino

The Mirage Hotel & Casino has 3,044 rooms across 65 acres, with a 90,548-square-foot casino on-site.

If you are looking for a hotel that is completely committed to sustainability, you should look no further than the Mirage. The Mirage has employed a team that spends its time working on the hotel’s eco-friendly mission and has so far completed schemes like making its transportation and kitchen equipment use less energy and fuel. Not only this but their commitment to the environment can be seen in their development of a recycling exhibit inside their Sustainability Discover Center, which aimed to educate guests and visitors about the environment and their impact on it. They also have a few sustainability certifications under their belt to ensure that they can grow in the future without contributing to global warming or climate change. The hotel’s close proximity to the center of Las Vegas may also make it the perfect point from which to set off on eco tours, such as electric bike-based tours, which can allow you to see all of Las Vegas up close.

3. The LINQ

The LINQ Hotel has 2,253 rooms, 244 suites, and a 33,890-square-foot casino with 830 slot machines.

The LINQ Hotel & Experience is a member of the Green Key Eco-Rating program, which allows a third party to determine the hotel’s impact on the environment and its sustainability. Their membership shows their commitment and transparency when it comes to their impact on the environment. The LINQ tries to reduce its plastic packaging as much as possible. They have also committed to getting LEED certifications for all of their new construction work and have gained a LEED silver certification currently. This means they meet several requirements, such as the LEED requirements for energy saving. You can make your trip even more eco-friendly by visiting some of Las Vegas and Nevada’s most beautiful natural attractions safely and sustainably, such as Red Rock canyon. You can do this by looking for tour companies that are aware of their impact on the attractions that they visit.

4. Luxor Las Vegas

With 4,400 guest rooms and a pyramid of around 350 feet, Luxor and its theme of Ancient Egypt, is a hotel and casino with rooms accommodating up to four people worldnewsite.

Although you might think of extravagance when you think about Luxor, you should also consider pairing Luxor with sustainability. Luxor prides itself on its recycling schemes, meaning that it saves a lot of waste from being put out into the world. They also focus on innovative ways to reduce the impact they have on the planet, such as aiming to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, and their aim to decrease the amount of water wastage that occurs on their premises each year. Not only will you be able to relax in the knowledge that you are being eco-friendly by staying here, but you will also be able to indulge in numerous entertainment options, from revues to historical exhibitions about Ancient Egypt and beyond. In fact, as well as the basic entertainment that you can find at any hotel in Las Vegas, they also sometimes host sustainable events at their venues that can ensure that you can attend events and enjoy shows without worrying about the environment while you do so. If you want to find out more about the impact of your potential Las Vegas hotel on the environment, you should consider checking to see whether they have a sustainability page on their website.

Then, if you are desperate to have an eco-friendly time in Las Vegas, it is paramount that you first think about where you will stay to prevent your accommodation from letting the side down. You should ensure that your hotel and resort is dedicated to recycling, low water usage, and energy-efficient lighting and heating at a minimum, and check the certifications they have to their name and their mission statement. This will then ensure that you can start your stay in Las Vegas right and without any concern about your effect on the environment news247 com.