Dubai is known as the city of superlatives, and it’s easy to see why this is so. It boasts the world’s tallest building, its busiest airport, and has more shopping malls per person than any other city in the world (to name but a few). But as much as there is to do in Dubai, there are some things that you should avoid doing when visiting if you want to avoid being caught out by unforeseen consequences (and not necessarily obvious ones).

1) Don’t be Rude

Dubai is a city with a reputation for being the playground of the rich and famous. And with good reason. It’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and it’s home to some of the best hotels and restaurants on earth. But if you want to enjoy your time there with the best online slots real money, you’ll have to do your part too. That means following certain rules that not everyone is used to.

2) Don’t Stare

It may seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many people think it is okay to stare at someone for a long period of time. This is not only disrespectful and rude, but it can also lead to some serious consequences. Make sure you don’t stare! Don’t show off too much skin: Showing too much skin will get you into trouble with the law. Don’t spit or litter: Spitting on the ground or littering will get you into even more trouble with the law.

3) Don’t Take Photos without Permission

It’s important to remember that, like in all other countries, you need permission to take photos in certain places. If you see a sign that says no photography or no pictures, don’t take a photo. Even if you get away with it on your first few visits, eventually the guards will catch on and it’ll be more difficult for everyone involved. So you may pass your time playing the real money gambling casino.

4) Don’t Touch People’s Belongings

It’s important not to touch people’s belongings because you can get arrested for it. This includes people’s food and drinks, as well as their clothes. Always ask before sitting on someone’s bed or touching anything that is theirs.

Don’t disrespect the customs: In Dubai, some cultures are considered taboo and it’s important to know what those taboos are before you interact with them.

5) Don’t Wear Inappropriate Clothing/Swimwear

No matter what you wear, it is important that you dress modestly. While the temperature may be hot and humid, this doesn’t mean it’s appropriate to wear skimpy clothing like bikinis or shorts. If you want to get out on the beach or explore the city, make sure your clothing covers at least your shoulders and knees. The majority of locals will be wearing long skirts and jackets so if you don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb, follow their lead!

6) Don’t eat, drink or smoke during the Holy Month of Ramadan

Muslims abstain from eating, drinking, smoking, and having sex between sunrise and sunset during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It’s a long month but it’s worth it as you don’t just gain spiritual benefits. Ramadan has been shown to improve your health by reducing cholesterol and blood pressure.

7) Don’t Dabke alone if you aren’t Arab

Dabke is the traditional Arabic folk dance of Lebanon and Syria that has been adapted by the Arab diaspora. It’s a beautiful dance, but it can be difficult for non-Arabs. The best way to go about trying dabke would be with an experienced instructor or another person who knows how.

8) Don’t Run on the Beaches

Running on the beach is illegal in Dubai and can result in a hefty fine. It’s also illegal to take pictures of any government buildings (including airports, bridges, and hotels), so be mindful of where you point your lens. Be aware that it’s very easy to get caught taking illicit substances or bringing alcohol into the country because security personnel has been known to use body scanners at customs points.