Did you know that more than 80% of shoppers in the United States have concerns about shipping delays during the holiday season?

Supply chain issues and shortages are leading people to start buying gifts earlier to prepare for the shipping process.

If you want to stay ahead of other businesses and keep customers happy, you must be willing to adapt your delivery method.

Keep reading to learn about the best strategies for streamlining the delivery process at your company!

1. Upgrade Your Tech

One of the best tips for streamlining your delivery process is to upgrade your technology.

Whether you rely heavily on packaging tools, computers, or phones, you need to ensure they can handle the job. A lot of companies fail to streamline processes because they don’t supply sufficient tools to get the job done hertube. Once you get the tech, you have to fully train your staff to avoid errors and delays.

You don’t have to invest in the top technology for every issue on the job, but it can improve communications and timelines newmags. Talk to your team about tech issues they’ve been encountering to find a quick solution.

2. Follow Your Shipments

If you don’t have a process for tracking shipments, your customers likely feel just in the dark as you do.

You must include tracking info for every shipment going out of your facility. Not only do you want to keep this in case of delivery issues, but the customers will also want it. Consumers are happier when they know exactly where their purchases are in the delivery and shipping process.

Working with a local post office or delivery company can help you save time with this task. These companies can supply tracking info to you and the customers each step of the way. Even if you’re delivery zone is within 1 mile, your customers should recieve transparent services.

It also helps to invest in electronic proof of delivery to guarantee your company is living up to its expectations!

3. Document Workflow

Dealing with last-mile delivery tasks and logistics can get complicated, which is why you need to document your workflow.

Workflows are a series of tasks that help complete an ultimate project or goal. Whether your staff follows the same procedures daily or has frequent changes, they need to know what to do. Relying on a week or two of training won’t lead to your company’s success.

You can document workflow with charts and lists. Add as many details as you can to the process so that staff can understand how to proceed. Keep a copy of all previous workflow charts, as you may need to refer to them at some point.

4. Identify Company Goals 

Helping your team understand the company’s goals will let them know what your expectations are.

When you and your team are on the same page and know the ultimate goals, no one works against each other. If you have a logistics partner, sit down with them and discuss your visions of the company. It’s okay if your goals evolve, but you should never stray from your company mission and values.

Goals can improve the delivery process, but only if everyone understands why they are doing each task. Insight can streamline processes since people are most aware of their impact and want to work with others.

5. Invest in Excellent GPS 

If your company is supplying the products and shipping them directly to consumers, you need to have a modern GPS.

GPS systems have been around for a while and have undergone some drastic changes. Although it’s tempting to get older models at a cheaper price, they typically aren’t as accurate and could result in late deliveries. Invest in a GPS program that’s user-friendly and doesn’t take long to update.

Some systems will include details about live traffic conditions, the weather, and more! These features can simplify the process for delivery professionals.

6. Prioritize Organization

Cluttered offices and warehouses can cause major delays when it comes to meeting deadlines.

To streamline delivery operations, you need to find a system of organization and stick with it. Unpredictability can disrupt workflow and make people overlook key details regarding an order. Both online and in the office, everyone should know exactly where to access resources.

When you start prioritizing your goal of getting organized, you will notice a more efficient office.

7. Get Feedback

Business owners typically don’t have time to monitor each task throughout the day.

If you don’t have a lot of time to spend in the warehouse or with the delivery team, you need to schedule a time to talk. Getting feedback from your team is critical to your success. Not only do you need to consider their beliefs and experiences, but you need to find the best resolution for them.

Your team understands where the struggles are the most because they are the ones dealing with them. Ask for their opinions and potential solutions to reduce these weak points and strengthen your team.

Is Your Delivery Process in the Fast Lane? 

Successful companies are trying new plans to tackle the delivery process and delays that occur during the holidays.

Utilizing these strategies will bring your team together and spread knowledge. Delivery teams must be organized to meet consumer expectations, but they can only do so much with the tech they are given. Don’t hesitate to invest in your team’s resources, as it could significantly increase sales.

A strong delivery process that’s documented and consistent will show consumers that your brand can be trusted.

Continue reading to discover more about running a business and handling deliveries!