As well as selling products itself, Amazon is a massive platform for self-employed sellers and small seller businesses. The Amazon seller marketplace is extremely competitive. You’ll need to keep these tips in mind if you want to get ahead.

Consult the Experts

Talking to an experienced Amazon consultant can be an eye-opening experience. Consultants will be able to use their wealth of knowledge to inform you of the realistic consequences of decisions made during the setup and marketing phases of developing an Amazon selling business.

Include Video and Images

The phrase “too Long, didn’t Read” should be considered a mantra when working in eCommerce. Use images and videos to speak to consumers where you would usually use text.

Respond to Your Customers

Good customer service and reciprocal communication are important when trying to create an Amazon shop that people trust. Make sure to reply promptly to any enquiries sent in by consumers and use their answers and questions to build a more thorough and empathetic understanding of their needs.

Make Product Descriptions Enjoyable

The actual quality of your content matters. Make sure to write entertaining and informative copy to describe and advertise your products. As with all content creation in eCommerce, good market research is the best base for good writing. If you truly know your audience, you’ll be better placed to write in a way that entertains and informs them in equal measure. Make sure to tell a story and use action-oriented language to bring your audience into the fold. Understand the difference between benefits and features when trying to unpack why your audience members might want to head to the checkout.

Make Use of Social Media

Don’t ignore social media. Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook all have drastically different audience segments under their command, so make sure to focus your social media efforts on the platforms that your target audience use and trust. Facebook is largely used by older audiences. Instagram has a largely millennial user base. TikTok is used heavily by people born as part of ‘generation Z’.

Depending on your budget, it might be helpful to work with influencers to spread your brand on social media. Although the concept of the ‘influencer’ has been around for over 100 years, the rise of social media platforms has created an environment where influencers speak directly to incredibly specific audiences. If you have conducted very good market research, you can make good use of influencers to spread your brand to your target consumer groups.

Don’t Ignore SEO

Make sure to optimize your Amazon selling page for search engine success. SEO is one of the key methods of passively marketing your products. A massive amount of traffic destined for Amazon selling pages goes through search engines, like Google or Amazon’s own internal search function. Search engine optimization tactics include keyword inclusion, metadata inclusion, backlinking, and content creation. Amazon is an extremely crowded marketplace, so you need to stand out. Always consider how your page will perform on search engines.