Most people have a different definition of what makes a happy relationship or marriage.

While the differences will depend on things such as age, culture, religious affiliation, and belief systems, there comes a time when every couple who is in a long-term relationship may start questioning whether their relationship is working.

To determine this and to potentially get a different viewpoint on your relationship, it may be important to ask yourself and your partner some questions. Based on the answers, you can adapt and make your relationship even stronger or consider getting professional help to help you to make repairs where they are needed.

What are some of the questions to explore? Read on to find out.

How Is Our Sex Life?

Sex is going to play a large part in the majority of long-term relationships. You’re not likely to be having as much sex as you were when you were first dating or if you have recently had a child, but it is important to look at this area. If you are having sex regularly, but it is a bit dull and repetitive, it can be worth adding a bit of spice to it using lingerie, dressing up, pill-based enhancers, and even sex toys. Head to to get an idea of what is available to help you get that sexy spark back into your bedroom.

Do I Feel Heard?

Another thing you have to consider when looking reflectively at your long-term relationship is whether you feel heard. Does your partner frequently dismiss your needs and put their own ahead of yours? Do you feel that your viewpoint is respected? If the answer is no, then it may be time to seek out the help of a relationship therapist to help you and your partner to build on your communication.

Do I Still Feel Connected to My Partner?

When you first got together, you wanted to do everything possible with your partner and wanted to be with them all the time. As time goes on and life evolves, this need will fade, but you should still have a connection to your partner. Do you feel sad when they’re not around, or do you feel pleased? These queries will help you determine how connected you are to your partner and will help you establish whether or not you need professional guidance.

Do You Still Make Time for Each Other?

Do you still have date nights? Do you still have alone time together? If it has been a few blue moons since you and your partner went on a date or even went out to a coffee shop together, it may be time to assess the reasons why. In some instances, it may be due to finances, but a walk in the park is free, and you will need to assess why making time for each other has taken a back seat.

Do I Trust My Partner?

Trust is the most expensive thing in the universe. It takes years to build and a second to shatter. If there has been infidelity, lies, or betrayal in your relationship, then your trust in your partner is likely to be very low. However, all is not lost, and you can still rebuild the trust by getting help from a relationship therapist and also working on your communication in your own time.