Most people don’t realize it, but more than $15 billion worth of Christmas presents get thrown away or donated.

Giving gifts without thought and intention can waste your money and disappoint people in your life. If you’re sick of giving bad gifts, there are a few things to keep in mind. Continue reading if you want to learn about the most common gift-giving mistakes so you don’t make them!

1. Buying Based on Outdated Interests

If you’re planning to spend money on gifts for loved ones, you might as well make sure they will like them.

Children especially can be difficult to shop for since their interests are always changing. Instead of hoping that they still watch their favorite show from 2 years ago, give them a call and see what their interests are. You’ll get a much better response and show them you care by taking the time to learn more about them.

2. Going Too Big

You may be thinking, who doesn’t love a huge gift to unwrap?

The answer is— many people don’t want those gifts. Small living spaces, traveling, and clutter can make large presents a pain in the neck. Instead of buying a huge gift for someone, think about their current situation and find something practical.

You can go big and buy gifts with a lot of meaning, but they don’t have to be the biggest and heaviest.

3. Overspending 

When it comes to gift-giving etiquette, you don’t want to blow everyone else out of the water.

Whether you’re celebrating birthdays or holidays, your group should agree on spending limits. You should set a budget before shopping, especially if you are buying for multiple people. Although you may want to spend thousands on someone you love, they won’t want you to go into debt for them.

By paying attention to sales and promotions, you can save money and make the most of your gift budget.

4.Thinking About Yourself

Just because you fall in love with an item, doesn’t mean that the person receiving it will like it.

Many types of gifts can be appropriate for the same person, but you have to set yourself aside. Try changing your perspective and think about what the gift receiver needs and wants. If you like a product, take a photo or note and invest when you have the chance.

If you want something truly unique, personalized koozies are fun and thoughtful!

5. Regifting 

Some people procrastinate buying gifts for friends and then turn a gift they received into an offering.

Regifting items is never a good idea. This can cause tension and hurt between you, the person getting the gift, and the one that bought it. Gifts are meant to be thoughtful and personal, if you regift something, it doesn’t come off as genuine.

Don’t Unwrap These Gift-Giving Mistakes

When it comes to giving gifts, you don’t want to let someone down and waste your money.

Learning the common gift-giving mistakes can help you find the best items. You can get thoughtful gifts for friends and family without going over your budget. Whether you want to give cards with gifts or other items, you can make them happy.

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