1. Video content

Human satisfaction with videos is growing very rapidly. Videos are very easy to remember visually, that is why YouTube is the most popular video platform. On YouTube you can find everything – from ancient Greek art, to repairing rusty bicycles from the 1900s. You can also advertise your product on YouTube and earn money from it. For that, you have to buy instant subscribers for your YouTube channel.

2. Autonomous Objects

As technology evolves and society coexists more naturally with the artificial, electronic devices develop more autonomously to interact with the environment and with people almost like any other human.

As autonomous things proliferate, we expect a shift from independent smart things to a swarm of collaborative smart things where multiple devices will work together, independent of people or with human input.

3. Practical Blockchain

Blockchain technology is becoming increasingly relevant thanks to trust, transparency and its potential in companies and services. The best known use of this technology is applied to banking and it still has great potential for development in other areas.

Blockchain remains immature for enterprise implementations due to a variety of technical issues including poor scalability and interoperability. Despite these challenges, the significant potential for disruption and revenue generation means that organizations should start evaluating blockchain, even if they don’t anticipate aggressive adoption of the technologies any time soon.

4. AI Security

Technological changes will be accompanied by AI and Maching Learning . The challenge here is security in the processes of applying it. Gartner states that enterprise risk and security leaders should focus on three key issues:

    1. Protect AI-powered systems
    2. Leverage Artificial Intelligence to improve security defense
    3. Anticipate misuse of AI

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