Taking responsibility for and awareness of your social interactions is essential. Tracking activity across numerous platforms makes this more difficult than it seems. The sheer volume of regular contacts seen by certain companies makes it easy for important discussions to be noticed. Like @mentions, @tags are a primary focus of native social analytics. You can keep tabs on all of the important interactions that take place with your business at any time, from any location, with the help of specialized social media monitoring tools. There is an abundance of monitoring software available.

The following list might serve as a starting point while you research which tool would work best for your business.

Sprout Social

When you sign up for Sprout Social, you’ll have everything you need to monitor and respond to your audience’s most pressing social media conversations. Our software monitors hashtags, comments, and phrases across social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. The ability to centralize your communication channels saves you considerable time and effort. When you do this, you can be certain that all important comments will be noticed, and customer care issues will go unresolved. For instance, Sprout’s Smart Inbox keeps track of your social interactions in one convenient place, near-real time. Connecting with prospects, followers, and clients is part of this.

Agora pulse

Named after the Greek word for “pulse,” Agora pulse is a social media monitoring platform featuring tools that assist businesses in maintaining a finger on the social media pulse. With the platform’s monitoring and listening tools, businesses can zero in on “what matters.” Constant updates and remarks might be a lot for busy companies. The monitoring feeds in Agora pulse may be cleaned up considerably by excluding comments containing certain terms or coming from a certain platform. Notable customer discussions and competitor behavior may be easily tagged and organized on the platform. Included in this action are bad mentions of other brands and openings for your brand to intervene.


As could be expected, the primary function of the RivalIQ platform is to provide brands with a means of monitoring their primary competitors. Brands may track their market share and growth relative to the competition using monitoring and benchmarking tools.RivalIQ’s many useful real-time warnings are its crowning feature. To provide one concrete example, the system can instantly detect when a rival updates its social media profiles, such as Twitter or Facebook. The ability to monitor when competitors promote organic posts as ads is a new function.


Brands may utilize Keyhole’s monitoring tools to locate influencers to collaborate with. Automated searches for keywords and hashtags may find influencers who are talking about things that are of interest to businesses. Hashtag analytics are used on the site to show users the most important accounts, content, and discussions related to a certain subject.

How Could Social Media Monitoring Help You Build Better Campaigns?

Increasing your social media monitoring should be a top goal regardless of your line of work. The more you listen to what your audience has to say about your brand, the better you can offer them. Similarly, you may connect with your fans and clients on a deeper level. That’s because you have an inherent understanding of what motivates and frustrates them. To do this, you must have access to reliable social media monitoring software. Sprout is an all-in-one application that allows you to coordinate your publishing and customer support strategy with insights gained through monitoring. Want to take your social media marketing to the next level but need some ideas? Remember to download our social media docs if you still need to!

The best social media monitoring tool for you will depend on the volume and type of data you need to collect and analyze. From brand lift measurement to campaign tracking, there are ample options available. It might be worth taking some time to see your options before making a final decision. Your time may be worth it in the end!