Spaying or neutering is among the most discussed topics in animal rescue and shelter circles. Also, it is one topic many cat owners feel worth contemplating. Talk to your vet for answers to questions like should my fluffy friend need to go through this procedure? Would this surgery harm my furball in any way? Will it alter my cat’s quality of life?

These procedures help prevent many behavioral and physical health problems, allowing your feline pet to live a happier, healthier, and longer life. However, some medical issues are unavoidable, so you must consider being prepared with the best pet insurance.

Cat insurance policies are available in different levels of cover, so weigh the benefits of various policies, then assess your fur baby’s health needs and your budget before signing up for one. In the meantime, read this article to learn why you should consider spaying or neutering your pet cat.

1 .Helps control the cat population

Millions of fur babies end up on the streets or in shelters every year. The above mentioned procedures help curb unwanted litter and lower the burden on overpopulated shelters. Only a few fortunate stray cats get adopted and find forever homes, and the remaining are euthanized or die due to starvation, disease, trauma, and exposure to risks. Spaying and neutering helps avoid much of these troubles.

2 .Female cats won’t go into heat

Intact female cats typically go into heat every three weeks, and a heat cycle lasts for four to five days on average once the breeding season sets in. During this period, female felines yowl to attract attention from male cats and, sometimes, they can even spray all over the house to try to secure a mate.

It is worth noting that spayed felines will be much healthier and are not vulnerable to uterine complications and breast cancer because their ovaries and uterus have been removed. Also, it is best to get a cat spayed at a young age before it hits the first heat cycle. But know that your vet’s advice should precede people’s advice and the vast online information available.

3 .Male cats will behave better

Removing your male cat’s testicles will eliminate the risk of developing testicular cancer. Remember that male cats are more likely to escape from homes as they desperately search for a mate. In contrast, neutered males desire roaming outdoors less and usually stay content living indoors with their owners.

The chances of a freely roaming outdoor cat getting hit by vehicles, falling victim to cruel humans, big predators, and catching parasites is much higher than for a cat quietly living indoors. Neutering helps check this reckless behavior and transform your cat’s attitude towards things.

Contemplate being prepared with the best pet insurance so dealing with unanticipated health situations like these and many others is much easier. Cat insurance covers your feline pet’s testing, treatment, and medications during dire medical scenarios and emergencies, which is why you must consider buying a policy.